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The holiday shopping season brings us so many great things, but beauty gift sets should definitely be at the top of the list. For two short months each year, beauty brands combine their most purchased products into budget-friendly kits that we can gift to others or ourselves.

If you’ve ever wanted to try St. Jane, Susan Kaufman, One Ocean Beauty, or another indulgent beauty brand, now is the time. You can buy a beauty set, split the contents between a few stockings — and keep a little for yourself. It is also an effective shopping strategy. After all, if your friends are like you, they will love the beauty products you choose. Everyone wins!

So let’s get into it. Here are 9 delightfully different beauty gift sets priced under $50, and $120 for a big-time indulgence. I think there will be a few brands that will surprise you.

1. Ancient Greek Remedy Skin Care Set

Ancient Greek Remedies formulated products with pure oils and no water, artificial additives, or chemicals. Water is commonly used as a filler in beauty products, reducing costs for the manufacturer and effectiveness for you.

I have this gift set (thanks to Ancient Greek Remedies for sending it to me) and it’s great. The lavender scent is oh-so-pleasant and the products are incredibly nourishing. I am really enjoying the body oil and butter cream. They provide welcome relief to my dry winter skin, face and body. The oil also doubles as a hair mask.

Another advantage this brand has over others is the price point. Complete sets of full-size products cost $50 and individual products are $15 to $20 So if you or your gift falls in love with one or more ancient Greek remedy formulations, they’re replaceable on a budget.

2. Saint Jane Total Duo Minis

Luxury beauty brand St. Jane harnesses the power of flowers for beautiful skin. The brand takes a clean, natural approach to anti-aging and skin transformation. As a result, St. Jane products are not the same-old, same-old ones you find at the drugstore. They’re luxurious, nurturing, and delightfully scented—they even offer the anti-aging, brightening, calming, or hydration benefits you crave.

As you might expect, St. Jane products don’t come cheap. The Luxury Lip Cream, for example, carries a regular price tag of $28.

Still, you can give the gift of luxury with the brand’s Total Duo Mini for $45. The kit includes luxury beauty serums and brightening sea drops. Combined, these two products brighten, regenerate, nourish, and correct. See more details at saintjane.com.

3. Clean Reserve Discovery Gift Set

Clean Beauty Collective brings you this fun fragrance set. Clean Beauty Collective creates fragrances from simple, trusted, sustainable ingredients through environmentally friendly manufacturing and testing processes.

All products are vegetarian, cruelty-free and gluten-free. The brand also publishes a list of banned ingredients — a handy reference for any beauty shopper

Eight scented beauty gift sets from the Clean Beauty Collection.
The Reserve Discovery Gift Set contains eight fresh fragrances. See more details at cleanbeauty.com.

The Reserve Discovery Gift Set features eight fresh fragrances, including customer favorites Radiant Nectar and beach-inspired Solar Bloom. The price is an easy $24. See more details at cleanbeauty.com.

4. Suzanne Kaufman Bath Trio

Susanne Kaufmann is an all-natural, luxury brand committed to effective, sustainable beauty. The product is plant based and formulated for safety. Best sellers include the $115 Eye Rescue Serum and the $200 Rejuvenating Day Cream.

Next to that price point, a bubble bath trio for $40 seems like a steal, right? The Suzanne Kaufman Bath Trio contains 30ml each of Mallow Blossom Bath, Mountain Pine Bath and Bath for the Senses. These are fragrant, soothing and relaxing bath soaks that turn a simple bath into a sensual experience. See more details at beautyhabit.com.

5. One Ocean Beauty Hydrate + Treat Kit

One Ocean Beauty creates clean, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty products from ocean-derived ingredients. These include algae from around the world, hydrolyzed marine collagen and a marine active derived from brown kelp.

Marine microorganisms are remarkably effective at surviving and adapting to UV rays and pollution — One Ocean Beauty harnesses that power to benefit your skin in a sustainable way.

The $30 Hydrate + Treat trial kit includes a Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer and a Revitalizing Sea Serum. Moisturizer moisturizes and soothes, while collagen increases firm skin and brightens dark spots. The serum stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production for firmer, thicker skin.

That’s a mighty one-two punch for $30. See more details at oneoceanbeauty.com.

6. True Botanical Radiance Duo

True Botanicals sources vegan ingredients worldwide to power its beauty and skincare lines. The powerhouses of the line-up are high concentrations of plant actives that nourish the skin with vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidant power.

Beauty enthusiasts love True Botanicals Chebula Active Serum for its effectiveness. In tests, 100% of users saw softer, smoother skin after seven days. Even better, 97% of users saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after four weeks. The regular price of the Too Bad Serum is $90 Bu.

Most gift sets at True Botanicals cost over $200. An exception is the Body Love Pure Radiance Duo $40. The set includes a sugar scrub and body butter. If you or your gifty fall in love with how your skin feels after trying these, you can start saving up for the brand’s pricier anti-aging products.

7. Beauty Counter Clean Swipe Hyaluronic Lip Balm Trio

The clean brand Beautycounter bans more than 1,800 ingredients from its formulations — aiming to create high-quality skincare that’s also safe for everyone in your household. The brand’s line-up includes skin care and makeup for face and body, all of which adhere to Beautycounter’s high standards for quality. Popular products include All Bright Brightening Oil ($76) and Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream ($87) for the face.

Close-up of woman smiling with tinted lip balm.
The Clean Swipe Hyaluronic Lip Balm Trio contains two tinted lip balms and a clear lip balm. See more details at beautycounter.com.

The Clean Swipe Hyaluronic Lip Balm Trio will set you back $44. The practical gift set includes two tinted lip balms and a clear lip balm. They provide moisture for that dewy, just-bitten lip look. You can use berry pink and warm beige balms on your cheeks for a sheer flush of color. See more details at beautycounter.com.

8. Odell Smoothing Set

Odele is an award-winning and affordable hair beauty brand owned and operated by women Products are made without synthetic fragrances. They are dye-safe and vegan too. NBC News once ranked Odell’s shampoo as one of the seven best drugstore shampoos (although I haven’t seen the brand in my local drugstore.)

Product shot of Odel hair care set with shampoo, conditioner and styler.
The Odell Smoothing Set contains three frizz-fighting products for $32. See details at odelebeauty.com.

The Smoothing Set contains three frizz-fighting products for $32. A bargain, right? You’ll find Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner and Air Dry Styler. Buy this for friends who have medium or fine hair that is prone to frizz. See details at odelebeauty.com.

Fine-haired fashionistas may love Odell’s volumizing set.

9. Pharmacy Winter Greens Duo

Pharmacy is a sustainable beauty brand that uses only conflict-free ingredients. Leaping Bunny is certified clean, its products for cruelty-free skin care are made with farm-sourced ingredients. Flagship products include Honey Grail, an antioxidant facial oil for $48, and Honeymoon Glow, a night serum for $60.

Pharmacy beauty products Deep Sweep and Daily Greens on green background.
The Pharmacy’s Winter Greens Duo contains an exfoliating toner and a lightweight, pore-cleansing moisturizer. See more details at pharmacybeauty.com.

For a more delicious entry point, try Farmacy’s Winter Greens Duo to unclog, clean and minimize pores for $30. The set includes an exfoliating toner and a lightweight, pore-cleansing moisturizer. It is suitable for oily or combination skin. As a bonus, the pharmacy donates five meals to Feeding America for every pour kit sold. See more details at pharmacybeauty.com.

10. Splurge-Worthy: The Bowie Bundle

Dr. Whitney Bowe (as a person and a brand) takes an inside-out approach to skin care. The brand combines simple topical lotions and serums with elixirs and supplements that nourish and balance the gut microbiome.

Bowe bundles product shots of beauty sets.
The Bowe Bundle makes a fun (but expensive) beauty gift set because it contains an edible beauty elixir. See more details at drwhitneybowebeauty.com.

You can gift the DWB method with the Bowe Bundle. It’s a skincare duo that works from the inside out. The $120 set includes Boe Glow Cream, a day and night moisturizer, and Boe Grow Elixir, a formulation you ingest in your favorite beverages.

The drops contain no calories or sugar, only vegan plant bionutrients that contribute to glowing skin. In clinical trials, this combo was proven to reduce wrinkles while improving skin texture and evening skin tone. See more details at drwhitneybowebeauty.com.

If you know which beauty set you want to buy, act fast. The holiday shipping deadline is fast approaching!

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