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Moms and dads may not need this list of trending toys for 2022 — because their kids are already vocal about what they want. But if you’re an aunt, uncle or grandparent, you might need a little gift-buying inspiration for the kids in your life. Thankfully, toys these days aren’t too complicated. If you stick with in-demand franchises or creativity boosters, you almost can’t lose.

Kids (still) love LOL Surprise, Rainbow High and Disney. Also, educational toys and toys that tease out creative talents — not just drawing, but also haircuts, dress-making, building structures and coding — continue to be popular.

Here are 11 2022 trending toys for the young fashionista in your life.

Trending toys for girls

1. Letter piggy bank

It’s never too early to introduce good money management skills. This cute piggy bank serves multiple purposes — it’s a decoration and a place to hide that allowance. The bank has a coin slot big enough for quarters and folded bills. Natural wood edges are polished – so there’s no chance of splinters. And, the transparent coating is a sturdy acrylic.

2. Disney Princess Activity Tote


Disney Princess Activity Tote

Disney Princess Activity Tote

  • Color, sticker and play activities!
  • A perfect collection of princess…
  • Over 100 in sturdy tote…
  • Create princess scenes with…
  • Girls will have lots of fun…

The Disney Princess Activity Tote is a fun and inexpensive gift for girls who love to draw and create. It comes with coloring pages, colored markers and stickers. She can spend hours creating beautiful princess scenes with her favorite Disney characters.

3. Magna-tiles

Check out Lego. There is a new building set in town. Magna-Tiles are three-dimensional, transparent, magnetic tiles that he can use to create buildings, shapes, animal forms — or whatever his imagination dreams up. The set contains 32 squares and triangles of different shapes and colors. Each shape has rivets to lock them in place for a solid build.

Magna-Tiles is for girls ages three and up. With small children, there is a risk of suffocation.

4. Soap making kit

A soap-making kit can get him hooked on skin care, but there are worse things. This colorful craft set contains her choice of colors, glitter and fragrances to create unique, layered soaps. It’s science-y and girly at the same time – what could be better?

Shop winter fashion.

Amazon buyers say this kit is a family activity, since the ingredients require heating. Gift it to your own kids or kids whose parents want to join in on the fun.

5. Easel with paper roll

6. Disney Doctor Set

A girl who dreams of becoming a doctor one day will love this cute set that includes a medical bag, stethoscope, otoscope, syringe and bandage box. It costs about $20 and is available on Amazon

7. Pet rescue set

This kit provides everything a girl needs to transform a stuffed pet from dirty to show-ready. He can shave, comb, straighten and style the puppy’s hair and clip and polish its nails. Underneath the scruff, he’ll find either a Yorkie or a Frenchie — the breed is a wonder that’s only revealed through grooming.

You can get the grooming set from Amazon for around $30 with Prime delivery.

8. Twin fashion dolls

Fashionistas-in-training will spend hours styling fashion twins Laurel and Holly D’Vias from the Rainbow High animated series on YouTube. Each of the twin dolls comes with a patterned satin dress and a full set of accessories to create many outfits, plus style-able hair. Includes hair comb and doll stand.

9. Coding critter set

When you want to give the gift of learning, the Learning Resources Coding Critter Set fits the bill. The 22-piece set promotes basic coding skills and pet responsibility skills through screen-free storybook coding adventures. Kids can design their own coding challenges and feed and care for interactive pets.

The set is designed for children ages 4 and up.

10. Crazy Castle Set


Crazy Castle!  69 Pieces Buildable Indoor/Outdoor Play Fort Playset, DIY, Build Your Own, STEM Toys

Crazy Castle! 69 Pieces Buildable Indoor/Outdoor Play Fort Playset, DIY, Build Your Own, STEM Toys

  • One day build a cave, an igloo,…
  • Unique building and creative toys…
  • Durable, portable, easy to make…
  • Add sheets, towels, tarps, paper…
  • 69 Piece Building Kit – 44 Sticks…

Crazy Forts construction set provides hours of entertainment for future builders. Kidora can use plastic arms and joints (balls with holes in them) to create various structures, including caves, igloos, pirate ships, and castles. The frames are sturdy enough to hold bed sheets or light blankets, as a finishing touch to the castle.

The Crazy Forts set has a 4.4 rating on Amazon, from over 8,400 reviews.

11. LOL SURPRISE OMG Remix Fashion Doll

The future fashionista in your life will love the Pop BB doll and her 80s inspired fashion. Inside is a full size record that actually plays on the packaging! Pop BB comes with two outfits, a pair of shoes, hat box, hairbrush, garment bag and lyric sheet.

LOL Surprise Remix Doll contains partial lyrics that combine to form a complete song. Plus, the Kitty Kay doll comes with clothing pieces that complete Pop Bibi’s second outfit. In other words, if you need a themed gift that you can add to over time, the LOL Surprise Remix line might be a good fit.

Which trending toys are on your list? Share in the comments!

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