5 Ways to Deal with Stress for Working Students

Entrepreneurial people, as a rule, take a lot of work. Naturally, such loads reduce labor efficiency, because a person has a huge burden of responsibility, putting a long list of upcoming cases on his head. All this leads to deterioration of physical and mental condition. For example, when you are trying to combine work and study, you should understand that it is not easy. Something Students, for example, Buy coursework online Instead of doing it because they don’t have enough time for it.

Involve assistants, do not hesitate to transfer some responsibilities to them:

  • Accounting
  • Working with clients;
  • Advertising organized.

If you allocate tasks correctly, assistant involvement will positively change the dynamics of professional activity.

Make a clear distinction between work and rest

With chronic fatigue, the human body loses its ability to function, and its productivity decreases dramatically. Therefore, clear boundaries must be drawn between work, rest and sleep. To increase productivity, you need to take short breaks during the work day.

When a person is not getting enough sleep, it affects his performance 100%, there are a lot of problems, which can provoke chronic stress. Don’t work until the last minute to get a good night’s sleep. Before going to bed, try to tune in to a positive wave: listen to your favorite soft music, meditate, do relaxing breathing exercises.

The minimum duration of sleep should be eight hours, after which the body will fully function, maintaining productivity throughout the working day. In exceptional cases, be sure to get at least six hours of sleep and turn off your smartphone or put it in silent mode at night.

Eliminate external stimuli

During the day, business people receive endless streams of messages, phone calls from emails, SMS, messengers. Often it is boring, distracted from work. Make a personal plan and respond to confusions according to specific criteria. For example, reply to emails according to the importance of the messages, deal with the messages within a specified time. A great option is to use special apps to sort emails.

Don’t be too accepting

Listen to yourself Don’t worry about what others think of you. If you constantly think about how you are being evaluated by others, it will be impossible to concentrate on the work process. With everything in mind you will get bored with small things and constant negative thinking will lead to a stressful situation. Concentrate on your work without worrying about the opinions of others and this will definitely lead to great results.

Prioritize properly

To perform tasks as efficiently as possible, see them sorted by Eisenhower matrix:

The most important and urgent tasks come first. These are tasks that do not tolerate delays: equipment failures, workplace emergencies, conflict resolution, urgent customer issues, current product price changes.

Subsequent actions are important, but not urgent. These include developing marketing campaigns, new projects, concluding contracts with new customers, analyzing and evaluating current activities.

Then there are the urgent but important tasks: answering phone calls and messages, meeting, processing current orders.

And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. These are daily routine tasks, small tasks, development of long term possibilities.

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