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Now it’s time for us all to use some self-care, can’t we? Your self-care style could be a bubble bath mixed with essential oils, or a glass of cabernet in the patio. But my going is a new piece of jewelry. And jewelry, such as clothes, shoes and makeup, redefines itself every season – which means fashionistas like us can always have a shiny new bouquet to show off.

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Summer jewelry also has a great job. It certainly makes a statement, but it must be smooth enough that it won’t feel like too much work to wear in the heat of summer. We can rely on runway trends to make statements, but fashion gods sometimes read less on more practical matters.

This season is no exception. High-end designers will give you raw stones with thick, intricate chokers, oversized chains and jagged edges. You know, the only things you want to attach to a tank are when it’s 95 degrees outside of * I Roll *.

Close-up of a woman wearing trendy summer jewelry - long yellow earrings.

If you want to adopt a more moderate approach to summer jewelry trends, then you are at the right place. Here are eight summer jewelry trends – also my warm weather jewelry picks that agree on trends without sacrificing wearability. Seven of these pieces cost 40 or less.

Summer jewelry gift

And one more big news … I partnered with jewelry brand Jana Reinhardt to give a top selling, hummingbird necklace. Here is a pick from my list that costs more than 2 122 – but no one will get it for free Enter that gift here.

1. Silver

Have we turned the rose gold leaf? I don’t think so. Gold and many of its variants have become classic at the moment – but this season, silver is at the center. Take out those sterling pieces and polish them, because now is the time to wear them.

Hummingbird pendant necklace by Jana Reinhardt.

The hummingbird pendant, the best-selling part of Jana Reinhard’s all-time best, is a great way to wear the silver trend. The necklace is delicate and feminine, but eye-catching. It’s not a piece that will go out of style, even after the silver fades from the front lines – although you can optionally buy a necklace of three shades of platinum or gold.

Also available two chain lengths, 16 to 18 inches or 20 to 22 inches. I like the smaller option, which you can wear nicely with different necklines.

The silver pendant with small chain costs 122, but you can give me a gift for a chance to win for free.

2. Stained glass

Brave, colorful jewelry has become a long-standing favorite on the runway over the past few years, and colored glass is especially popular this season. This is great news for budget fashionistas, because you can get that look without spending a fortune.

Bracelet with stained glass stone by BaubleBar.

BaubleBar, the authority on fun-loving, colorful jewelry, takes a direct step in the trend of stained glass, including its Flora Pisa bracelet ($ 32). The bracelet is paired with bright, gold-plated beads and bright beads inspired by Venetian glass. All in all, the piece is shiny and dark. It will give a nice color pop, especially if you surround it with more muted tones.

3. Cough

If you follow the runway style exclusively, you will find yourself wearing a warrior-princess cuff bracelet. Although these styles can easily make the shark jump from chic to costume. A more wearable option is a cuff with curved and fine lines, instead of rigid angles and thick geometric shapes.

Vintage silver filigree bracelet with colored stones.

The beautiful filigree cuff bracelet shown above is designed by Jill Tarantine at Etsy. Although the piece falls into the trend of cuff bracelets, it also has a vintage vibe thanks to the antique silver construction and filigree details. Wear it now as a compliment to what is hot for summer jewelry. And wear it later because it’s classically beautiful. The price is also right, at $ 34.

4. Chain

Thick chains are also a trend, but you don’t have to be a complete biker.

Chain link earrings from the loft.

LOFT’s Chain Earrings Set is an excellent use of a chunky chain link. It’s shiny and heavy, but flat like a squished penny. That flat design feels more elegant (and definitely less punk rock) than a traditional chain link.

Work fast to get this set. It’s on a discount for 25.

5. Fringe

Fringe in the form of long, hanging chains, beads and feathers has entered the jewelry.

Orange putty earrings.

These beaded earrings from Aceeel ($ 13) can be a fun and inexpensive addition to your summer outfit. They’re 5 inches long, so they’ll make a statement on your casual days (and probably even touch your shoulders). Wear these with your hair when you are feeling bold.

If you prefer a dresser style, look for silver chandelier earrings – it also gives the look of that hanging fringe.

6. Raw stone

You can keep away from raw, earthen crystal polished, symmetrical stones this season.

Close-up picture of a raw stone necklace.

A raw amethyst bar necklace pictured above is available on Amazon for 40. I like the color and texture of this piece – but you can also wear raw aquamarine, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, quartz, etc. You can start by buying stones of your choice. That way, you’ll enjoy wearing your piece of raw stone long after the raw trend has subsided.

7. Charm

Fascination is no longer just for grandma. Fortunately, the trending version of Charms is much more elegant than Kitsky.

Alex and Annie Charm Bracelet Product Shot.

Delicate and simple, the Alex and Annie Heart in Heart Charm Bangle ($ 39) wears well for any occasion. The piece is designed as a gift – two hearts symbolizing a unique bond between mother and daughter. But why not give yourself a gift and wear it as a reminder of self-love?

8. Choker

Ah, choker. The symbol of the sharp teenage girl. Of course, chokers are not easy to wear for anyone over the age of 17. But if you ever have time to experiment with short necklace style, now is the time.

Close-up of choker necklace with stone beads.

To keep up with the stylish choker trend, avoid black plastic, rope and layered chain chokers. This is the game out of style. Try something as colorful and interesting as the bohemian-style piece shown above from Cape Diablo ($ 39). You won’t wear this handmade piece at a cocktail party, but it will look fantastic with a t-shirt and jeans and a touch of exterior.

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