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With the change of seasons comes a distinct, nagging concern: You’ll soon have to retire your effortless sundresses and lightweight tanks in favor of thicker, plusher items. While you know you’ll be adjusting to the cold weather, you may wonder if your clothing will be okay. In short, yesThanks for this easy fall outfit checklist that touches on the basics you need to keep you comfortable.

Are you ready to show off your fashion awareness this season? Read on for all you need to know.

Fall Clothing Checklist

1. White tank (or two)

Believe it or not, these closets are major trends. And I assure you, a white tank will never go out of style. That means investing in one now brands you as fashion- and budget-savvy. Wear this simple top on repeat this season, and then repeat next year.

Trendy ways to wear your white tank this fall:

  • Along with jeans and a bomber jacket
  • Over a maxi skirt, anchored by sandals
  • Pair with black trousers and a blazer
  • Underneath an oversized button-down top that is unbuttoned

Where to shop for white tanks:

  • Anthropology for upgraded layering tanks. They are more expensive than a target tank, but more stylish.
  • Amazon is essential for affordable, casual tanks.
  • H&M tanks fall somewhere in between. They are affordable but have more detailed options, such as lace trim

2. Maxi skirt

Why wear pants when you can wear a floor-length skirt? Maxi skirts are versatile and flattering – a combo that makes the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

Your options this season range from menswear-inspired cargo maxis to subtle and flowy florals, straight hemlines to sharkbites, with no leg slits or highs. In other words, you can’t go wrong if the length of the skirt hits your ankles.

Trendy ways to wear a maxi this fall:

Where to shop for maxi skirts:

  • Lulu’s for price, ease of shopping and selection.
  • Amazon if you have time. If you have time to sort and filter, you’re virtually guaranteed to find what you want.
  • Julili for the deal.

3. Bomber jacket

The fictional airline pilot Maverick is setting the trend again. The bomber jacket is having its moment in fall 2022.

Finish off your bomber jacket by opting for a less revealing style top gun For that theme, skip the olive green satin look and go with something more subdued. You’ll thank me for that advice next year, when everyone forgets about “flying into the danger zone.”

Trendy ways to wear your bomber jacket this fall:

  • As mentioned above, with your maxi skirt and tank.
  • Over jeans and T-shirts.
  • Black skinny pants and an oversized button-down, unbuttoned.

Wear to buy Bomber Jacket:

4. Top handle bag

What to say about top handle bags? It’s simple, convenient, and stylish. You can find sleek and classic or bold and trendy designs.

There are no rules when to carry your top handle bag. Buy a piece you love and take it with you everywhere.

Where to shop for top handle bags:

5. Oversized button-downs

Model wearing an oversized button-down top with beige pants.
If you’re over 23, you should ignore American Eagle’s super young models — because there are stylish finds out there. Love this versatile oversized top for $50.

The oversized button-down top has been on the trending list for enough years to become a classic. And if not, wear it as a tie-front top next year.

This season, you can wear your masculine button-down:

  • Over skinny pants or leggings, top with a bomber when it’s cold.
  • Under a blazer, with jeans. Add statement loafers if you want to be ultra trendy.
  • As outerwear when it’s not cold enough for a heavy jacket.

Where to Shop Plus Size Button-Down Tops:

  • American Eagle for multiple styles in the $40 to $50 price range.
  • Free People If it costs you a little more for something special.
  • Aim for the finer picks over the cheap.

6. Blazer

You’ll find all manner of blazer interpretations on the rack this season. My advice? Choose a neutral color and then jazz it up with the rest of your outfit. Say, a floral cami or a cute scarf.

Remember that neutral doesn’t limit you to boring, annoying, or boring. Experiment with light blues, taupes, or gray-greens.

Trendy ways to wear a blazer this fall:

  • Pair your blazer with jeans, your white tank and ankle boots. It’s a no-fail look.
  • Anchor the top with denim shorts and sneakers with a blazer and t-shirt. The perfect off-duty ensemble.
  • Pencil skirt plus blazer and silky top on your boss-lady day.

Where to buy blazers:

7. Black trousers

Another classic style with trend status is black trousers. Like the top handle bag, the black trousers are so versatile, you don’t need an outfit pointer. Just that this season, your trouser outfits are not limited to work basics. Try a graphic tee or a sexy top with your trousers for off-hours.

Where to shop for black trousers:

8. The LBD

I love that the LBD is trending. Yes, I have a couple in my closet. But can I use a new, updated version for last-minute party invitations? absolutely

Of course, you already know how to wear an LBD. Heels, a tactical accessory, and the right lip color are my go-to ingredients. This season, you can layer a blazer over the right LBD for select occasions.

Where to shop the LBD:

  • Show some skin if you’re naughty.
  • Lulu for styles, prices and selection.
  • Any department store usually has good options, including Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, and Dillard’s.

Okay, so we’ve covered everything you need to know about updating your fall wardrobe: what to buy, how to wear it, and where to get it. It seems like the perfect time to sign off and wish you happy shopping.

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