Alessandra Rich and Duchess shoot a magazine cover for Wimbledon – Key

The Duchess has brought back an Alessandra Rich dress for today’s Wimbledon action.

Here is a quick video of the couple coming together.

Below, the Duke and Duchess were greeted by Ian Hewitt and Jennifer Hewitt, chairmen of the All England Lawn Tennis and Crockett Club.

Leela flower of All England Club.

The Royals when they arrived at the Royal Box on Center Court.

Also in the royal box today, the Duchess’s parents, Carol and Mike Middleton.

The Duchess kissed her parents shortly after sitting down.

You can see Carol Middleton on the right in this photo.

From this more on others seated in the royal box Yahoo News Pieces.

The Royal Box, located on Center Court at the legendary SW19 Sports Venue, has 74 seats reserved for invited guests from the Royal Family and the All England Lawn Tennis and Crockett Club (AELTC).

Members of the royal family were joined by HRH the Duchess of Gloucester and Dr. Tristrum Hunt, director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In addition, comedian and writer David Williams was featured in the Royal Box alongside broadcaster David Dimbleby.

English lyricist Tim Rice, best known for his collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Weber, was present at the Royal Box on Tuesday.

Below, the Duchess greets David Williams, OBE. Mr. Williams is a patron of Skillforce; Prince William is the royal patron of that organization.

As many readers will remember, the Duchess is the patron of the All England Club.

A wide shot of center court.

Another scene of the couple.

Duchess and Mr. Hewitt.

The Royals were on center court to watch the Gentlemen’s Singles quarter-final match between Novak Djokovic (Serbia).

… And Janik Sinar (Italy).

They were seen to enjoy the match.

In the end, Mr. Djokovic won.

More from Guardian ‘Live coverage of:

It was a thrilling victory for Djokovic, much like any other thrilling victory he has given. Cena was great for two sets and it looks like we were witnessing a groundbreaking change, but of course we weren’t because Djokovic, well, Djokovic. Not finding his best form, he found himself, did enough to win his 26th Wimbledon match, and met Norie or Goffin in the last four.

The Duke and Duchess applauded Mr. Djokovic.

According to the Wimbledon site coverage, the defending champion was given “an omnipotent fear”.

The royal family then went to Court No. 1.

They watched the last three sets of the match between the gentleman mentioned above Guardian, Cameron Norie of the United Kingdom and David Goffin of Belgium. In this photo, you can see former British players Dave Javans, CBE (Kate’s right), Tim Henman, OBE (William’s left), as well as the Duchess of Gloucester (in front of William).

Below, Mr. Norie.

And Mr. Goffin.

Another aspect of the Duchess is when she responds to the game.

Below, fans cheer from the hills at Wimbledon as they watch the match on big screen television.

More about the match from Wimbledon coverage.

ঘ The grassy part outside the No. 1 court was clearly the “Nari tube” for that day.

Fans enjoying the environment are the result of each point, and especially the return of the left-handed, with as much emotion as those on the edge of their seats inside the field.

Wimbledon noted, “In the 1990s, it was widely known as ‘Henman Hill’, as British fans gathered to watch the British No. 1 rivalry in four Wimbledon semi-finals. It has since been called ‘Murray Mound’, reflecting Andy Murray’s support at Wimbledon.

A quick video of mountain fans reacting to the win.

Duke and Duchess when they watched the match.

Again The Guardian Coverage

Riding on a great wave of support from the beloved crowd, home favorite Cameron Norie has made a lifetime performance to reach the Wimbledon semifinals.

Appearing on Court No. 1 with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Norie made a remarkable comeback by defeating the heroic Belgian David Goffin 3-6, 7-5, 2-6, 6-3, 7-5.

We learn more from the story of the Wimbledon match.

As he won an on-court interview, enthusiastic supporters chanted his name around one of the most prestigious stadium courts in the world. “Nari nari nari nari nari nari,” they sang.

Overwhelmed by the experience, Norie was initially speechless in the post-match interview.

Twice he took the time to compose himself before explaining his joy by creating such a huge performance in front of thousands of supporters, including his family and friends and members of the royal family.

A wide shot as Mr. Norie approached the microphone. You can see only Duke, Duchess and others at the top of this picture

Sky Sports Mr Norie “joined Andy Murray, Tim Heinmann and Roger Taylor as the only British men to reach the men’s singles semifinals at the All England Club on the open night.” Below, a social media post at Kensington Palace follows the match. Norrie vs Djokovic match Friday at 1:30 pm local time, 8:30 am EDT.

Now look at what Kate wore.

In a photo of the Big Jubilee Lunch in early June, she was in a modified version of the Azure Blue Alessandra Rich Plated Embellished Silk Crepe De China Dress.

Made in silk crepe de china, the midi-length design features pleating, button cuffs, shoulder pads, a keyhole back, hidden side zippers and a self-belt sleeve with crystal ornaments. The dress worn by the Duchess has fabric-covered shoulder buttons instead of crystals and has no crystals on her belt straps. I think the extended keyhole back has been omitted.

We saw the return of the Amberley Crossbody bag by Mulberry (no longer available).

Duchess Alessandra Rich debuted a new pair of fab two-tone pumps ($ 745). (I apologize for the lack of photos; there is no one I can license.)

The slingback style black patent leather features a “piercing pointed toe” that contrasts with the shoe’s white body, an elasticized back strap and 4.5 heels. The Duchess wore the style in tan and black at the Memorial Service in mid-June to mark the 5th anniversary of the Grenfell Towers Fire.

He has repeated his In2Design Baroque Pearl Earring (156).

And Finlay brings back Henrietta Light Tortoise sunglasses ($ 225).

She also wore the pins of her green and purple Wimbledon members.

I imagine we’ll see the Duchess at Wimbledon again, probably in the women’s and / or men’s finals.


Also today, the Duchess is rumored to have photographed another member of the royal family for an official birthday photo. This time, the picture is not of the children of Cambridge but of the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Duchess of Cornwall is a guest-editor Of Country Life July 13 issue to mark his 75th birthday and the magazine’s 125th anniversary. More from the magazine’s story:

‘The Duchess of Cambridge took our cover photos at the request of our guest editor, The Duchess of Cornwall, and we weren’t happy with the result – in fact, the set of pictures she took was so good that we just struggled to choose. Three, from which The Duchess of Cornwall made her final selection, “said Paula Lester, Managing and Feature Editor, Country Life.

A full-fledged professional, The Duchess of Cambridge (shown here in a behind-the-scenes photo taken by The Duchess of Cornwall’s Country Dresser, Shona Williams) Remil, Wiltshire, speaks with Paul before her assignment at The Duchess of Cornwall’s private home.

We’re back Country life Pieces.

‘The Duchess of Cambridge took her commission very seriously and was incredibly professional about handicrafts,’ says Paula.

‘He called me to discuss our need for a cover and later composed a range of beautifully drawn images.’

The photograph reflects the true joy that the Duchess of Cornwall enjoys spending time in the country, ‘We are thrilled to have our guest editor captured so wonderfully by the royal photographer The Duchess of Cambridge.

Country life Editor Mark Hedges added, “We are pleased to announce that this is the first time that an official portrait of The Duchess of Cornwall has been taken by The Duchess of Cambridge for a magazine, and we are honored to be the first to publish this beautiful image. The photographs are great and we Glad to pay another commission to the Duchess of Cambridge! (If you are interested in buying a single issue of the magazine, this site offers that option. I believe the price is $ 12.50.)

In a photo taken by the Duchess of Cambridge with the Duchess of Cornwall, she wears Chloe’s wool cargo pocket blazer ($ 1530) which was first seen at the Natural History Museum in June 2021.

You can also make wet bikler low-top espler sneakers ($ 130) that are worn in that engagement (shown here which is worn in the 2021 engagement). The style is still in stock at Nordstrom, as well as Zappos ($ 140) and Neiman Marcus.

It is possible (possibly?) That the Duchess wore the same and other story favorite cut jeans that were also seen at the History Museum’s engagement, but it is not possible to say for sure.


Cameron Norie reacted to his victory.


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