Alessandra Rich wears the Duchess Royal Ascot – what Kate wore

The Duchess of Cambridge chose a cream and brown polka dot dress from Alessandra Rich when she joined the Royal Ascot today.

Above, the Duke and Duchess are coming to Carriage 1 in the royal procession. More from Express:

This marks another milestone for the royal couple, who did not board the first car as part of the Ascot royal parade.

Today, Kate and William the Hone share the car with Arthur George Vesti, a close friend of Duke’s older brother and a colleague Old Itonian and his wife Martha.

Arthur is also a friend of the Queen and the son of Baron Samuel Vesti, a former horse master.

And from a Hello Story.

The presence of Prince William and Kate on the last day of the Royal Ascot is a surprise because the royal family usually attends the first three days of the annual horse racing event.

Prince Charles and Camilla joined the first and second day of the Royal Ascot this week, leading the royal procession in the first car. They left an empty space in their car on both days as a sign of respect for the maharaja who would usually be present.

A quick video.

And one more scene.

As mentioned by Telegraph“The Cambridges did not attend the Berkshire meeting for many years, partly because of the coveted lockdown, and were cheered by the crowd as they waved from their cars and into the parade ring.”

Below, you see the Duke and Duchess chatting with Sr Francis Brooke, the Queen’s representative in Ascot.

Today is the fourth day of the annual meeting, which will end tomorrow.

Members of the royal family rewarded Jockey Christoph Soumilon for his victory in the Commonwealth Cup race.

Duchess and Crown Equestrian Colonel Toby Brown.

Here you see the Duchess smiling with Martha Vesti at the Royal Box.

And now to see what Kate would wear for the Royal Ascot. For many, it was a combination of Audrey Hepburn’s provocative figure My beautiful lady And / or Julia Roberts Inn Beautiful woman.

Alessandra Rich’s silk crepe de china dress comes from the designer’s spring 2019 collection. It has an asymmetrical hem, bulging sleeves with button cuffs, a ruffle overlay on the left shoulder, buttons on the left shoulder and a shelf belt.

Many thanks to Claire on FB for this ID, as well as Middleton Maven.

From thinking on the look Of the telegraph Tamara Abraham.

You do not need to be a royal historian to get references. When the Duchess of Cambridge arrived at the Royal Ascot on Friday, wearing a black and white polka dot dress and a wide-brimmed hat, the homage to Diana was crystal clear.

It’s Ascot – an event where almost every guest pulls out all the stops – but Kate’s arrival was a realistic fashion moment. It’s safe to say that the Polka Dot dress has not been so popular since the 2019 Zara Spotted dress epidemic, when it seemed as if half the women in Britain wore the same black and white design.

Diana, Princess of Wales at the Royal Ascot in June 1998.
Embed from Getty Images

And another image of the Duchess today.

We’re back Telegraph Columns

Although there are practical reasons for the timelessness of this particular look. It’s a classic monochromatic palette, and the high neck, sleeves and midi hem are modest enough for the royal engagement. The polka dot motif keeps it attractive, while the fitted silhouette prevents it from slipping on rough areas.

Another shot of Diana, with Princess Anne in the 1986 Epsom Derby.
Embed from Getty Images

We saw a new hat today, a bootie style from Sally-Ann Provence.

The NAEVA (£ 750) is described as a “handmade hand-blocked herringbone wavy straw hat with a small round crown, vented brim, and handmade silk duchess trimmed with origami flowers. The back has a large five-petalled origami flower.” You can see that the Duchess’s style has been customized to include a stiff thorn. Thanks You are Gabi For another great ID.

The hat “is fitted with a matching elastic and pinning loops to match your hair color and ensure a comfortable fit.”

Princess Eugenie wore this design, seen below at the 2018 Royal Ascot.

The Duchess carries a clutch I have never seen before, a brown suede foldover style that is unfamiliar.

Middleton Maven Suggests that the Duchess had a pair of Gianvito Rossi 105 heels ($ 725) in a color called “Texas” and I think she was right.

The Duchess wore her hair up.

She also wore pearl and diamond earrings that belonged to Princess Diana of Wales.

She first wore earrings at the 2019 BAFTA Awards. Telegraph He describes them as follows: “The earrings have a double curve of different diamond cuts, with a bunch of marquis-cut stones in the center.” The Duchess wears these with slightly smaller pearls than Diana wears.


Also today, Thursday (16th) is a very brief look at the dress worn for an engagement related to the Duchess’s first year of work.

He hosted a roundtable meeting with government ministers and the Early Years sector at Kensington Palace to publish new research from the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood.

Kensington Palace noted, “It’s been a year since we launched the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood. Today is another opportunity to highlight the unique significance of the first five years and its significant impact on the outcome of our later life. ”

More from this Telegraph Story.

The Duchess of Cambridge warned that children should be taught to understand their emotions in order to prevent them from succumbing to self-harm, addiction or suicide in later life, as he called on government ministers to use a “huge opportunity” to improve Britain.

The Duchess, who invited Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Family Minister Will Queens to a roundtable meeting to present research from her Center for Early Childhood, called on them to focus on “shaping the future of our society”. The importance of early childhood.

From the Royal Foundation site:

Conducted by Ipsos UK, the study explores public perceptions about early childhood, focusing on three key areas: early years priorities, the first five years of life and the connection between lifelong outcomes for mental health and wellness and when parents seek help. Raising young children.

Key searches include:

  • Nine out of ten agree that the early years are important in shaping a person’s future life but less than one-fifth recognize the unique importance of 0-5 periods.
  • Seven out of ten people think that early years should be given more priority for the society
  • The general public acknowledges that a person’s future mental health and well-being may be affected by their childhood as part of their adult life.
  • Community support networks are considered extremely important for parents
  • Parents are more likely to seek support for their child’s physical well-being than social and emotional development

You can read all about the research here.

Now look very quickly at what Kate wore.

It looks like he was wearing an Alexander McQueen blazer and trousers.

The single breasted jacket has padded shoulder, side panel and pointed lapel. Thank you Georgie Mum2, ChristineAnd Lady Valerie Their ID is for work.

Duchess brings back her Emmy London Rebecca Pumps ($ 415) in a ‘makeup’ color way.

She also wore her maps and web ‘Empress’ pendants and earrings.

Apologies for the brevity of coverage; I’m on vacation and traveling.

Here is another shot from the Duchess.


Ascot Racecourse posted a 4-minute + video of the car parade.


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