Alessandra Rich wears the Duchess to go to Prince George Wimbledon

Prince George joins his parents at Wimbledon for the first time today.

The gentleman’s singles final between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios was at Cambridge Wimbledon. Many royal fans posted on social media in 1991 about Prince Williams’ first trip to Wimbledon.

Below, the royals are today as they cross the bridge from the Millennium Building to the Center Court.

Before the match, Prince George and the Duchess met Dylan Mulvi, who tossed the coin today.

More about Dylan from this My London Story.

Dylan Mulvey will attend the event after a fundraising officer from St. George’s Hospital Charity was nominated in recognition of his efforts to raise funds for the hospital.

Dylan won after deciding to take part in an abduction under the 13-story Pelican Tower to thank St. George’s Hospital for taking care of his grandparents for the rest of his life.

Take a closer look at the special coins used for today’s toss.

Dylan and his family were given a tour at Wimbledon Ground. This is Dylan and his younger brother Aidan.

A quick video.

The trio settled in the royal box.

Prince George with a wave.

The Duchess is chatting with George, who is said to be a tennis fan. Roger Federer says to teach him.

It looks like the Duke was explaining something to Prince George in this picture.

The match drew huge crowds in the mountains of Wimbledon.

Brooklyn in New York also had a lot of crowd for the match. More from this WPIX Pieces.

In London, the British who do not have a Wimbledon ticket will secure a place on the grass outside the court, also known as the hill, and watch the matches live on a large television screen.

And at Brooklyn Bridge Park, New Yorkers can have a similar experience, but with a waterfront view of Lower Manhattan. Once visitors arrive, they are greeted by Wimbledon stewards who are dressed in part. Once inside, they can traditionally spread out their picnic blankets and watch games.

John Newcomb of Australia is one of the tennis legends in today’s match.

Chris Evert and her husband John.

You can see Stan Smith with his wife Marjorie Gangler Smith in a navy jacket just behind the Duchess.

Some may recall that Mr. Smith gave the Duchess a pair of Stan Smith shoes for Prince Louis in 2019.

Another Australian Great Rod Laver in today’s match.

Other notable names on hand include Tom Cruise.

Kate Winslet.

And Tom Hiddleston.

There are no pictures of other members of the royal family in my presence, but Lady Gabriella Windsor and her husband Thomas Kingston were at the match, as well as Lord Frederick Windsor and his wife Sophie Winkleman.

Prince George enjoying the view on Center Court.

Nick Kyrgios handed over the coins to Dylan for today’s toss.

After the toss, Mr. Djokovic and Mr. Kyrgios.

Some background of the players and from this match NY Times.

Djokovic’s rude and contradictory behavior, especially in comparison to his main rivals, the gentleman Nadal and Roger Federer, has intimidated him more than his longtime loved ones, the crusher in the binary tennis rivalry that Federer and Nadal created more than 15 years ago.

Kyrgios, a temperamental and explosive genius who has spent his career establishing tennis and fighting his own monsters, is an uncontrollable and disruptive force who has kept himself in the heat of the Wimbledon spotlight since day one of the tournament.

He earned a $ 14,000 fine in this tournament but played in a crowded stadium, fans showed greed for his growing service, or the occasional underhand one, and trick shots at his feet.

Here you see the Duchess and Ian Hewitt (to the right of the Duchess), chairman of the All England Club. The Duchess is the royal patron of the club.

The match started after the toss.

As soon as the Cambridge match started.

The temperature at the beginning of the match was 64 degrees.

The royal box.

Prince George is sharing a smile with his mother.

At some point, looking at Prince George, it seemed that he was very interested in the match.

I’m not sure what he reacted to here. (Probably some language heard in court?)Otherwise.

Mr Djokovic has reached the ball.

Center court scene during the match.

After four sets of matches were decided, Mr. Djokovic won.

Competitors at the end of the match.

From the story of the Wimbledon match.

Playing in the heat of the All England Club, where temperatures have surpassed 35 degrees Celsius, and talking to his opponents in regular points with himself and his players box, Djokovic also equaled himself with his childhood idol Pete Sampras by winning seven titles.

Now only Roger Federer, including eight, has won more.

The Duchess then went to Center Court to present the award.

The Duchess greeted the Wimbledon staff.

Prince George and the Duke when they saw the presentation.

The Duchess was greeted by All England Club CEO Sally Bolton OBE.

First, the runner-up award.


And then the Gentlemen’s Singles Cup.

The cup is made of silver gilt and stands 18 inches high.

You can see Mr. Djokovic’s name has been added to the cup before the awards ceremony.

The inscription reads, “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Hand Championship of the World”. The cup stays at Wimbledon and the champions are given a three-quarter size replica.

A wide shot.

As is customary after the final match, the gentlemen took short interviews while on center court. From Mr. Kyrgios:

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I want to congratulate Novak, I don’t know how many times he has won. And thanks to the umpires and the ball girls and the ball boys, I know we have a tough relationship sometimes. I’m very tired. Our team played a lot of tennis. I’m really happy, it’s the best result of my career so far. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe not.

And from Mr. Djokovic’s comments:

Nick, you’ll be back. Not just at Wimbledon but in many finals. You showed why you are one of the best players in the world. Congratulations to you and your team. I wish you all the best, man. I really think you have an amazing talent. I never thought I was going to talk so nicely about you in a relationship! Okay, this is officially a bromance! Hope this is the beginning of a great friendship. Let’s start with dinner and drinks and we’ll see.

I lost the word for the meaning of this trophy. It has always been and always will be the most special tournament. Winning this trophy fulfills childhood dreams. Every year it makes more sense, I’m really blessed. The most special court in the world. I am extremely happy and grateful to be here.

After the event, Cambridge chatted with the champion.

Now look at what Kate wore.

We start with Alessandra Rich Polka Dot Dress.

The dress is 100% silk, with a wide collar, fluffy and gathered sleeves, a peplum waist and bow at the neckline.

The dress is available in limited edition Net-a-Porter ($ 1305) and in Match Fashion ($ 1305). Lots Thanks Katie For ID.

The Duchess paired her with Alessandra Rich’s Two-Tone Hill ($ 745).

Eagle-eyes Middleton Maven Note that the Duchess’s PA (Personal Assistant) was carrying Victoria Beckham’s Quincy Tote which was first seen at Wimbledon in 2016.

Victoria Beckham

The Duchess wore her sapphire and diamond earrings and earrings with the pins of her Wimbledon members.

The WKW Facebook page discussed wearing Prince George’s suit and tie. The Wimbledon Royal Box Dress Code page states, “Protocol – the dress is smart, suit / jacket and tie etc. Women are told not to wear hats because they obscure the eyes of the people sitting behind them.” The Duchess wore a hat for the Gentlemen’s Doubles match yesterday; I read in several places that the dress code was relaxed this weekend due to the heat.

Another picture from today, Cambridge returning home after the match.


This video from Wimbledon shows the final points being played.

The Royal Family Channel offers 3+ minutes from today’s busy schedule.


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