Bold adventures in men’s fashion with leggings

India remains a rather conservative society, although we love our fashion, it can be difficult to try new things. Throw on a pair of leggings, and chances are your grandma will give you funny looks throughout your next breakfast together. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be young and adventurous and discover the latest practical, comfortable men’s fashion trends for yourself. We have teamed up with Valentine Asseo to talk about this new trendy menswear.

Hero ImageFounder of Valentine Matador Meggings, a company that wanted to re-engineer how men feel and fit in leggings. Tired of being considered an afterthought in the men’s leggings arena, they’ve built a global community of supportive guys just like you, all loving their new fashion options and what they bring to the table. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t just building a leggings brand, but a community where men could learn to be confident and enjoy themselves in a tough look. Today you can see ‘bulls’ flexing their matador meggings around the world, and you could be the next one. With her help and pro tips, let’s dive deeper into why men love leggings.

Picture 2All I do is escape from a hard day’s work (says my mother).

Yes, you know what they say! When you look good, you feel great. So whether you’re looking for something comfortable to work from home, a new fashionable piece to take on the road, or simply want a comfortable, supportive garment you can keep warm under your usual streetwear and ready for work, there are leggings. Suitable for you too.

What should you look for in one? A tight pair of leggings? We have already mentioned buying a brand that is specifically shaped to help a man stay dignified and supported. Valentine suggests you add these features to the list:

  • Breathable fabric that wicks away sweat: It helps you stay comfortable and cool no matter the weather or activity
  • Convenient pocket: It’s very important that we keep in touch with our office and loved ones, and you don’t want to see your splashy new cellphone fly out of your pocket the first time you wear it. A combination of deep, ‘bounce proof’ zippered and unzippered pockets is the smartest choice
  • Thick and durable: They will last longer, and look better.
  • Fit features: Grip alone is not enough to ensure a comfortable fit that will never let you down. Valentine has added many fit features to the Matador brand, including a thick, grippy waistband and a hidden internal string that you can use to adjust the fit. Look for similar to your leggings.
  • Colors you love: Whether you’re bright and bold, or sleek and elegant, the right color combo is there for you. While the heart of the Matador brand lies in its construction and care, Valentine also wanted to showcase a variety of flavors, from slimming black and navy to wild and funky prints. Trendsetters are always welcome in the Matador Bull community!
  • length: When you get short leggings, the most practical and best-looking choice will always be an ankle-length one. Plus, if you love the look of some traditional Indian clothing like a kurta, it’s easy to style your leggings for a balanced, modern take on traditional favorites.

Picture 3Action and adventure

After all, what is a pair of tight, comfortable and flexible pants but the latest upgrade to the churidar that allows you to truly live your life? Now being embraced by active adventurers and athletes, from the gym to parkour, leggings only make sense for an active lifestyle.

No one wants to be hampered by close-fitting, baggy and chafing pants when trying to get the best out of their body, and neither should you.

From running around competitions to rock climbing, yoga and BASE jumping, leggings are a Comfortable and practical fit For any active lifestyle.

Valentine herself, as well as an entrepreneur, is a certified yoga instructor. Instead of lamenting the lack of flexible, comfortable sports options for this niche and others, he wanted to create a product that would challenge the norm and give men the freedom to focus on their practice. Although she could find many leggings labeled for men, none suited her needs – and modesty and comfort were two big issues.

Are leggings immodest?

If they’re poorly made, they can be, and if you grab an old pair off the shelf, we’ll let Granny give her a sidelong look. However, there is no excuse for poor quality no matter what you do. Instead, you want to look for a lightweight, form-fitting and breathable pair made from only the best sturdy materials, so you can live life the way you want without worrying about rips and tears. The Valentine Matador uses sturdy Lycra in the leggings, and is a great bet if you’re looking for the right combination of comfort and durability. Spandex can be practical, but unless it’s mixed with a different fabric, it’s thinner and sweatier.

And it goes without saying that we don’t want unisex here. We want everything to be stylish and discreet no matter what you’re doing. Worrying about your ‘bulge’ sticking out in public is one of the most cited concerns about men wearing tights.

When talking about Matador’s bulge-taming system, he often quipped that all superheroes wear leggings—and that they were the inspiration for Matador’s anatomy-conscious design, affectionately nicknamed the ‘No VPL’ system. With added discretion, and a softer cup for anatomy-conscious styling, Valentine designed the Matador Meggings prototype to avoid any embarrassing failures, instead streamlining everything below into a neat, comic-book-friendly package that you can wear full-front. Family without shame. It also benefits the wearer, as it helps keep you comfortable and in control, rather than tripping over the family jewels while working.

Thus, providing you are looking for brands with a similar Anatomy-aware design, nothing to worry about in the modesty department. In fact, we guarantee that a well-tailored pair of men’s leggings will look much more elegant and tailored than slippery, baggy running shorts that carry all the risk if you take a tumble or jump high! It’s time to find active wear instead of fighting you every step of the way. That way, you can focus on getting better and bigger without having to worry about who’s looking at you strangely across the gym or track.

It’s time for an action-adventure revolution in menswear for the Indian market So why not try a pair of leggings for your athletic activity (or general comfort) today?

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