Duke and Duchess take Princess Charlotte to Commonwealth Games – what?

We knew the Duke and Duchess were attending the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England today; What a pleasant surprise to see Princess Charlotte join them!

The games begin on July 28 and run until August 8. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attended the opening ceremony last Thursday, arriving in the Prince’s eco-friendly 1970 Aston Martin, powered by English wine waste and E85 bioethanol fuel. Whey from cheese processing. (The Duke and Duchess used the same car after their wedding.)

More about games from of the people Story by Monique Jessen.

The Commonwealth Games invite 72 member states to compete in various sporting events. They began as the British Empire Games in 1930 and have been held every four years since then (except in 1942 and 1946) and are often attended by various members of the royal family.

And from this to reveal story.

Attending the event to represent the Queen, Prince Charles spent some time chatting with those involved. Ahead of the opening ceremony, he met hundreds of volunteers and athletes from the University of Birmingham.

Prince Charles addressed the crowd on His Majesty’s behalf: “Over the years, the coming together of so many for the ‘Friendly Games’ has created memorable shared experiences, forged lasting relationships and even some friendly rivalries.

“But most of all they remind us of our connection to each other, wherever we are in the world, as part of the Commonwealth of Nations.”

Other senior royals are representing HM at the Games, including the Earl and Countess of Wessex, also at the opening ceremony. The Queen is Royal Patron of the Games and Prince Edward is Vice Patron.

There were spectacular fireworks on the occasion.

England is hosting this tournament for the third time. In 1934 the Games were in London; Manchester hosted the 2002 event. More about games from the Royal Family site.

Inspired by the core values ​​of humanity, equality and destiny, the Games aims to unite the Commonwealth family through a glorious festival of sports. Often referred to as the ‘Friendly Games’, the event is renowned for inspiring athletes to compete in the spirit of friendship and fair play.

The Wessex family has been to the Games almost every day since the opening ceremony. Princess Anne and her husband, Sir Tim Lawrence joined the Earl and Countess last Friday to watch the rugby.

Back to today’s event, here you meet Princess Charlotte Perry the Bull, the game’s mascot.

More on the princess joining her parents from Simon Perry people story.

It’s the first time Charlotte has attended a royal event on her own with her parents. He usually lives with his older brother Prince George, 9, and younger brother Prince Louis, 4. George has competed in solo events with his parents for several years.

First stop today for Cambridge: an aquatic centre.

The family were greeted by the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

They watched some swimming competitions.

more from Metro coverage

Proving she’s not just a football fan, Princess Charlotte was spotted cheering on the swimmers at the Commonwealth Games with her parents.

All three were at the Sandwell Aquatics Center in Smethwick, the only new venue for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Duke and his daughter.

More from this Birmingham Mail story.

Princess Charlotte visited the Birmingham Commonwealth Games today – and melted hearts with her funny faces and antics as she watched the aquatics and field games. Charlotte has been described as a “charming” young woman after her first family engagement to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In another way.

telegraph Note that “the Cambridge family appeared in deep conversation about the swimming heats, pointing out the competitors and discussing the game in front of them.”

Duchess and Princess.

It looked like the princess gave high marks in swimming.

The family’s next stop was at SportsAid House.

Below, you see Princess Charlotte shaking hands with SportsAid CEO Tim Lawler.

A short video.

Princess Charlotte and her mother.

The Duchess has been a Royal Patron of SportsAid since 2013. The family learned more about the Futures programme, a partnership between SportsAid, Sport England and Commonwealth Games England. Below, Princess Charlotte greets a mentor working with the Futures programme.

The family talks to two powerlifters, Tom Smith (L) and Lottie McGuinness (2nd from right).

The Futures program involves around 1,000 young athletes and support staff. More from the SportsAid site.

Team England Future aims to better prepare athletes to deliver medal-winning performances as Team England, Team GB or ParalympicsGB debutants at future Games, as well as giving support staff a first-hand look at the opportunities that may be presented to them. as well as the challenges they may face in a multi-sport game.

The Duchess attended a mental preparation session.

A view of the Duchess during the workshop.

and from Yahoo’s Engagement coverage.

Seven-year-old Charlotte was described by SportsAid chief executive Tim Lawler as “charming”…

She seemed curious about her surroundings and the people around her on the university site, and at times a bit apprehensive, but received a reassuring arm from William on her shoulder or her ear and held Kate’s hand at other moments.

The young princess revealed that gymnastics was her favorite sport and attending a nutrition workshop helped her parents put pictures of foods such as nuts, bread and grapes into the right groups, protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants or healthy fats.

We are back yahoo Pieces:

Nutritionist Jenny Cheishe set a food challenge for Cambridge and their daughter and later said: “They did really well, and so did Charlotte, she took pictures of chicken and put it in the protein section and she did the same. Beans.”

The princess also helped add medals to the medal board.

Another very short video.

Then it’s time for the group photo.

Could the photo shoot involve…shenanigans?


More formal shots.

After visiting SportsAid House, the family went to the University of Birmingham Hockey and Squash Centre.

They went there to watch a women’s hockey game.

Cambridge and Wessex saw India play England.

England won the match defeating India 3-1.

Another picture of the princess.

Prince William and Princess Charlotte.

After the match, Lady Louise and the Countess of Wessex posed for a group photo. The Countess is the Patron of England Hockey.

Everyone carries a Perry mascot stuffed animal as the family leaves.

I’m guessing one of these will go to Prince Louis, one to Prince George and Charlotte will keep him.

The family’s final stop at the Games was gymnastics.

They saw the men’s horizontal bar final and the women’s floor exercise final at Arena Birmingham. After the pageant, Princess Charlotte met some of the contestants.

Here you can see him with Team England’s Ondine Achampong (L) and Alice Kinsella (R).

Both women were part of England’s gold medal winning team championships.

Now to see what Kate wore for today’s visit to the Commonwealth Games.

She was in the Alexander McQueen breakup we saw earlier. The blazer outfit was first noticed in Jamaica during a tour of the Caribbean.

The Duchess accessorized with her Camilla Elphick ‘Alicia’ Slingback Sandals ($255) which were first seen at a polo match in July. The style is out of stock, but you can sign up for an email that will notify you when it becomes available again

and her Mappin and Webb ‘Empress’ earrings and necklace.

I have more information on Princess Charlotte’s Rachel Riley dress and La Coquette sandals What did Kate’s children wear? post

I’ll leave you with one more picture from today’s visit to the Commonwealth Games.


This Royal Family Channel video offers three minutes of coverage of a visit to SportsAid House.

And here, the RFC provides additional coverage that differs primarily from the first video.


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