Fashion brands that get their inspiration from Egyptian culture

Ancient Egypt had a huge impact on the modern world, and many of the everyday products we use today originated from there. Egyptian culture has influenced architecture, entertainment and even online casino games Dead slot inheritance. Another industry where Egyptian culture has had a significant impact is the fashion industry. Here are some famous fashion brands where we clearly see some significant Egyptian influence.

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Okhten, which means “sister” in Arabic, is an Egyptian brand created by Aya and Mounaz Abdelrauf. The design duo founded the brand in 2013 to meet a need in the Egyptian luxury market. That is, there is a need to increase the refinement of Egyptian crafts at home and abroad. For this honor, Okhtein produces locally. Also, each product has a unique origin with strong cultural links. The brand is headquartered in Promenade, the capital of Egypt. ‘Palmette Minaudière’ and ‘Palmette Backpack’ were the brand’s signature styles.

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Jahan is an Egyptian brand, based in New Cairo, Egypt. The company bases its designs on the dresses of Egyptian royalty and even has the slogan “Bringing back royalty one world at a time.”

The owner of the brand, Hana Othman, is the first Egyptian fashion designer to participate in St. Petersburg Fashion Week in Russia. The brand is known for mastering the technique of embroidering designs on satin, which for anyone who knows a thing or two about textiles, is not an easy process.

Farida Tamraj

Farida Temraj, an Egyptian designer, is the creator and head designer of Temraj Haute Couture. Temraja is famous for its unique and attractive designs that beautifully shape and accentuate a woman’s body. The brand creates luxurious collections with the highest quality fabrics and embroidery. Temraja debuted her first collection at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014. That’s when they won first place in a fashion televised competition and shot the firm to instant fame.

The brand stands out with its haute couture range of ready-to-wear, evening wear and wedding gowns for women.

Dina Shaker

Dina Shaker grew up Alexandria, the vibrant city of Egypt, immersed in the hustle and bustle of the country. He began his fine arts education at the University of Alexandria. Dina dabbled with interior design after graduation before following her heart and pursuing a career in fashion. In 2013 Dina decided to take her talent to the next level. It was then that he launched his own name “Dina Shaker”, which was adopted by the most well-known stores in Cairo.

Who is Amina?

Amina Khalil decided to create her own business in 2009 after studying fashion design and marketing in London. He returned to Cairo and established his own studio in the city. This enables him to focus on the details while trying out each design. In this same workshop today, a group of tailors work together as Amina K. Creates a collection They hold everything from women’s clothing to men’s shirts.


History, fashion and archeology rarely collide. Achieving the balance between originality, confidence, and humility can be difficult, but these Egyptian designer Mastered the art. Household names like Tamraza and Dina Shaker are shaping the current Egyptian fashion vision.

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