Fashion tips for when you are going to a casino

Going to the casino is rarely a casual affair. Usually, it’s part of something bigger: a great night out, a weekend away, or a holiday getaway. So, if you’re not a fan of the idea of ​​having your photos filled with sleeping T-shirts with you, you may need some fashion advice before hitting the table.

Casinos have historically been a high-class affair, popularized by aristocrats of the past, whose slaves needed to do something after straightening their wigs.

But what you wear to a casino depends on three things: where in the world is your casino, what kind of casino you are going to, and the “rules” of fashion that have stood the test of time. Check out our tips to see your best at any casino.

Where are you going

There are casinos all over the world. As much as Las Vegas feels like a casino and gambling center of the world, there are many places where casinos are a big part of the city’s DNA.

For example, Monaco, where there is an opera house and a ballet company at the Monte Carlo Casino, or Macau, the City of Dreams in China, which offers one of the largest in the world and offers a modern industrial experience with thousands of slot machines. .

Climate is the first thought before you differentiate between the styles you have to go for. All of these options are hot areas, but there are casinos in ski resorts in France, Switzerland and Austria.

Plus, nobody wants to Looks like a tourist When you are gambling. If you haven’t backpacked, there’s no reason not to keep an “I Heart Vegas” T-shirt in a hotel room. The same goes for corduroy shorts and baseball caps. If you live in Europe, you can have a backpack with the locals.

So, are we going for long sleeves and layers or slinky and floating material? You have your starting point. From there you are asked what kind of casino you are going to.

What’s up brother?

Las Vegas is the best example of this. Vega may be the team capital of the world and sports the nickname Sin City, but there are many places on the strip that are more suitable for wearing a ball gown instead of a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. Examples include the Venetian resort with its Renaissance design that simply reflects sophistication inside and out.

So, are you going to a Con Air neon-light casino where everything happens, stay there, or do you want to play Casino Royale in your best taxa at the historic Monte Carlo casino?

You don’t want to be the only person in the room wearing jeans when you meet Le Chiffre, nor is it fun to be the only person wearing a black tie at the Ye-Hawin All-American Casino where you’re just starting to learn. How to turn yourself into a gambling whale.

What are you wearing

From there, it’s about remembering the basics of being fashionable. If you are someone who likes to follow the latest trends, you will, but casinos are a timeless and usually emotional project of history like architecture, so it is understandable that you are also looking for timelessness.

Falling into a few simple rules to look fashionable, the first is to balance your proportions. If you have a top item that is alluring or heavy like a hoodie, wear something slimming at the bottom. The best example of this is the latest trend of wearing bicycle shorts with hoodie which looks like it has been stolen from a lover who is part of the monster. Apply that rule to your casino outfit. A floaty skirt with a tight bodice, or a skimming skirt with a ruffled top.

For women, you can’t go wrong with one Short black dress. Think of the iconic image for all the features of timeless fashion in Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast Tiffany’s: simple, glamorous and the attitude to wear it. Bring to 21St. Century with your accessories if you are going for a more party vibe. Wear it with fishnet, mesh tops, statement earrings etc. The brightness of a little black dress is that it can be worn almost anywhere depending on how you use it.

In fact, the best tip for staying fashionable at a casino is to take timeless staples and make them your own. Pair a good pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, a pair of knee-high boots, or a simple skirt with the things or combinations you like best.

And of course, if you’re in the right casino in Vegas, there’s a main “newlywed” sash and a guy in your arms whose name you don’t know.

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