Free personal shopper or inbox clutter? Budget fashionista

Shop It To Me can make your shopping life easier. Or it could be another messy message in your inbox. Your experience will depend on how you use the free sales notification service – and how you handle your emails.

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What is Shop It to Me?

Shop It to Me sends you an email when the brand of your choice or your size of clothes is sold. It’s like a virtual smoke signal for discount shopping. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yes, theoretically, the free personal buyer is the life saver of a budget fashionista.

I say “theoretically” because I’ve been subscribing to Shop It to Me for years and guess what? I don’t read emails. It’s up to me, because I’ve got extra subscriptions for my attention – a bad aspect of living in a digital world. My guess is that you may have a similar problem.

Still, I want to love – and use – Shop It to Me. So there’s a walk-through of how it works and how it works for you

How Shop It To Me Works

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Let’s start with sign-up, so you know what to expect (and how much to allocate your precious time). The steps are:

  • After tapping Login in the upper right corner, you will provide your name and email address.
  • Select a category: Probably women.
  • Choose your brand. This is where you create or break your Shop It to Me experience. See my tips for brand selection below.
  • Choose clothing type, such as blazer, denim, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  • Choose your size for tops, bottoms and shoes.
  • Save your choice.
  • Go to your inbox and confirm your email address.

Boom – Just like that, your sales notification emails are set up When it sells items that match your preferences, Shop It to Me sends a message to your inbox.

Tips to get the most out of Shop It to Me 7

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Signing up for Shop It to Me has two negative consequences. One, your sales notifications will gather virtual dust in your inbox. Or two, you’ll use those emails as an excuse to buy things you don’t need. Use the pointers below to avoid both uncomfortable results.

1. Learn what to expect

Be aware that clicking on Shop It to Me (email or website) will take you to the retailer’s website. That’s where you check out and buy your product.

Be sure to check the retailer’s return policy on the sale items before you complete the transaction.

2. Use the website

At any time, you can log in to your Shop It to Me account and browse for sale items that meet your criteria. In other words, you don’t have to wait for email. If you have something on your calendar that requires a new outfit, scarf, shoes or whatever, browse the Shop It to Me first. Most likely, you know the size of your favorite brand, which creates an efficient sales-shopping experience.

Note that you can adjust your brand and size preferences on the website at any time

3. Select and manage your brands strategically

If you don’t constantly buy clothes, be tactful about the brands you choose. Don’t add too many brands, as emails can tempt you to buy more than you. If you add too few brands, the emails will be annoying and you will not be able to read them.

I like five brands, but you will find the number that works for you. I also focus on valuable brands like Old Navy, LOFT and Chinese Laundry. When I need an investment piece like a formal dress or trench coat, I will temporarily add high-end brands.

It’s also a good idea to rotate your selected brands according to the season.

4. Use Shop It to Me for shoes

Shop It To Me relieves the pain of shopping for shoes on sale. Very often, steep discount shoes are sold in my size – a very common 8.5. Shop It To Me shows me only shoes of my size in stock. Right now, I’m looking at a beautiful, ankle strap heel from Chinese Laundry for 75.

5. Tell your friends

After you finish signing up for Shop It to Me, you’ll have the option to spread the word for cash. That’s right – you can earn কার্ড 10 gift cards for each referral for purchases of $ 75 or more through Shop It to Me. Here is my referral link if you feel generous 😉.

Skilled, if you manage it

Shop it to me efficient and customized, which I like. But you have to manage it. Carefully curate your brands and use notifications to help you buy what you need. After all, saving money on things you don’t need isn’t really saving, is it?

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