Get rid of gray hair without dye? Here are 2 solutions I tried (before and with

How to get rid of gray hair naturally — or at least without hair dye? I set out to find an answer, as I was a permanent hair dyer. Permanent dye made my brunette locks look amazing…just for a week. Then the dye job has the opposite effect, emphasizing the gray at my hairline as my roots come out.

So, this is a good news/bad news post. First, the good news. There are non-dye options for managing and reducing gray hair. I’ve tried two of them, and I’ve shared my experience below. Notably, I haven’t used permanent color on my hair since 2020.

And the bad news? I haven’t found an easy, effective, non-dye method to remove gray hair. I’m sure technology will one day find a way to restore our natural hair color, but I don’t think it’s happened yet.

Close-up of women's hair with gray roots.

Natural Gray Hair Solution 1: Supplements

Heyhair’s Gray Escape is a daily supplement that promises to reverse gray hair and promote hair growth for men and women.

Sounds crazy, I know. But I’ve been taking Hayhair’s Gray Escape for seven months and I’m sure it works, mostly. I say “mostly” because I still have gray hair — much less.

There was a time when almost half of my hair was gray. My unscientific guess is that the Gray Escape reduced it by about 15%.

I can’t speak to my hair being healthy or growing fast though. I started taking Gray Escape as soon as I made other changes to my hair care routine. The most notable change was the less frequent use of heat styling tools. So yes, my hair looks healthy. But no, I can’t attribute the improvement entirely to Gray Escape.

Quick Review of Gray Escape Gray Hair Pill

  • Does Gray Escape work? Yes, in my experience, Gray Escape restored some (but not all) of my natural hair color.
  • How do you take Gray Escape? I take two pills daily. Tip: Take one every time you brush your teeth. It’s easier to remember this way.
  • How much does Gray Escape cost? If you subscribe to Auto-Ship, the current price is $30.60 monthly. That’s one bottle per month. I buy six bottles at a time, so the price comes down to $27 per bottle.
  • How long will it take you to escape the gray? You must continue taking it to maintain your results.
  • Why should I try Gray Escape? Try Gray Escape for a convenient solution to reduce your gray hair. Plan to stick with it for at least three months to see results.

Natural Gray Hair Solution 2: Root Treatment

Hair root close up, I got rid of gray hair after applying the technique.

Another non-dye option for gray hair is Hair Myarkey Restore. It’s a gel-like formula that you scoop out and rub into your roots. According to the product literature, it boosts melanin production to stimulate the natural pigmentation of your hair follicles. The formula is vegan, and free of sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde.

The million dollar question is, does it work? Yes it does. If you follow the instructions, Hair Mayrkey’s Restore works better and faster than Gray Escape.

There is a downside, though. This product will stain everything it touches. This includes your fingernails, your pillow, clothes, or a nearby wall. For that reason, you should wear gloves and cover nearby surfaces. Wear a silk bonnet to bed if applied at night.

Another note about recovery. It will color existing gray hair, not just grow new hair. On my hair, it would turn my gray pieces into a light auburn color. They look like highlights against my normal brunette, which is a plus.

Also, I don’t know how the product reacts with naturally blonde hair.

Quick Review of Hair Mayrkey Restore

  • Does Hair Mayrkey Restore get rid of gray hair? Yes, if you follow the instructions and are diligent about regular application.
  • How do you use Hair Mayrkey Restore? Apply a few pumps to your roots twice daily for the first three weeks. Then you can reduce the application to three times a week. (The directions say maintenance application is once to twice weekly, but I had to use it more often.) Wear gloves and cover surfaces during application, as it will stain.
  • What is the cost of Hair Mayorki Restore? It’s not cheap. Price is $98 for two 100 ml bottles I went through two bottles in three months.
  • How long have you been using Hair Mayrkey Restore? You must continue using it to maintain your results.
  • Why should I use Hair Mayrkey Restore? Use it when you want a quick fix for gray hair and you are willing to do the tedious task of repetitive application.

My gray hair management routine

Collage of three hair photos showing varying degrees of gray.

Here is my gray hair story. I started using Hair Mayrkey Restore in the second half of last year. At the time I was dying my own hair with a semi-permanent color, Clairol Natural Instincts.

I was impressed that recovery worked, but not thrilled with the difficulty of using it. As mentioned above, it stains everything – much like self-tanner. Plus, if you put off your weekly root touch-ups, you’ll see the grays come on faster.

Looking for a more convenient solution, I tried Gray Escape. The problem is that Gray Escape takes a long time to produce results – months in fact. So I continued recovery while taking Gray Escape.

Today, my gray hair regimen is:

  1. Take two Gray Escapes daily.
  2. Spot treat problem areas once a week (or more) with Restore. My problem with graying is the hair on the sides of my face, above my ears and a section on the right side of my forehead.
  3. Full disclosure: I’ve used semi-permanent dye twice in the past six months, once professionally applied and once at home. It was more to recolor the ends of my hair. My ends were considerably lighter than the roots, a remnant of the pre-COVID professional color.

Admittedly, my rules aren’t cheap. Investing in a gray escape and restore can blow your beauty budget. If so, I would recommend Clairol Natural Instincts as an affordable gray hair solution. You can buy it on Amazon for $8.

I will also share that I am not against natural gray hair. Some women can rock a gorgeous gray hairstyle…just not me. When I tried to grow my own hair back to its natural color, it was patchy. More gray in some areas and less in others — sort of a tabby cat vibe, which I didn’t like.

Ladies, let me know if you try other non-dye gray hair solutions. I would love to hear your experiences.

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