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If you’re shopping for a glamorous outfit to wear to a wedding and you’re over 50, you’ve probably noticed the trend. There is a hole in the market. It’s an oxymoron like the phrase ‘stylish wedding guest attire for older women’. Most of your clothing options range from frampy to frampier.

I can talk about designers being lazy or creatively suppressed or fulfilling their ideas about the public (apparently young, sexy women or older women). But it won’t be helpful, because you have a wedding on the calendar, and you need something to wear – something that shows you and your beauty.

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So let’s talk about older women’s options for wedding guest dresses. I’ll start with a few things to keep in mind when you shop.

The senior is sitting next to the bride and groom and smiling.

How To Shop For Wedding Dresses On A Budget

Here’s how to find the outfit of your choice without incurring additional costs:

  1. A one-piece outfit would be more affordable than separating.
  2. Look especially for a dress or jumpsuit with ornaments around the neckline. More detail of the outfit means less jewelry and accessories to complete the outfit.
  3. High necklines often mean no necklace is needed. V-neck reverse. They tend to look good with a necklace.
  4. List your shoes, handbags, and jewelry before you shop. If there are any pieces you can use for the wedding, note their color and style. Then, shop for clothes / jumpsuits that will work with those pieces you already have.
  5. Think about how you will wear your hair. Your hairstyle can affect the type of neckline you shop for.
  6. If you have time, use Amazon Try Before You Buy to experiment with the silhouette. Once you start the actual shopping, shop in stores or shop online with stores that offer free returns.
  7. Be open to used purchases. Gorgeous designer clothing is available at Thredup.

What style would you like to shop if you are 50+, my choice is jumpsuit, fit-and-flare dress and jacket dress. I’ll share everyone’s qualifications below.

Jumpsuits as wedding guest attire for women over 60 years of age

Be exposed to a jumpsuit instead of a dress. Jumpsuits suitable for wedding guests come in all shapes and sizes. You can find an elegant and flowing one. Or you can go strapless and sexy. And yes, You can do more than 60 sexy. In fact, I encourage it.

Where budget wedding guests will shop jumpsuits. For a more conservative style, shop for Macys and especially your. For a more fitted look that is still elegant, check out Tahari ASL on Amazon. Another place to see Lulu, though you have to decorate the young-and-sexy pieces.

Amazon can also be a great resource for low-cost jumpsuits – if you only care about choosing well-known brands. Quality in no-name brands can be questionable. You don’t want to show up at a wedding with loose threads and missing buttons.

Blue, one-shoulder dress model.

One-shoulder dress, $ 23,

Fit-and-flare wedding guest attire for older women

A fit-and-flare dress can be knee-length or longer, chic and flattering. If the wedding isn’t very formal, you can shop for something reusable – a cocktail dress versus a ball gown.

Model wearing a blue ombre fit-and-flare dress.
Decorate this piece with a shiny bracelet and your best heels. It is available at JCPenney for $ 75

Where budget wedding guests will shop for fit and flare dresses. You can find lots of options at Macys and they are often sold. Other department stores including Dillard’s, JCPenney and Nordstrom Rack are also good places to visit.

In these stores, you have to scroll through the pieces that are not well-groomed. Focus on dresses with beading or lace details as these will be more formal. Heavyweight fabrics and linings are also important.

Jacket dresses for older wedding guests

If you don’t want to show off your arms and shoulders (a common problem area for a mature woman), try wearing a jacket. Simply choose pieces with overlays and bidding or lace – thus avoiding the look of a power suit. And most tend to be in monochromatic ensembles. Colorful jacket sets will usually be very casual.

Where to buy budget wedding guest jacket dresses. Brands for buying an elegant jacket outfit include:

  • R&M Richards
  • Alex Evenings – can be expensive.
  • Adrianna Pappell – Shop on Amazon for last season’s outfits at low prices.
  • Le Boss
  • Marina
  • Burn the evening

What to pay for wedding guest dresses

You can expect to pay $ 100 or more for a formal wedding dress or jumpsuit. Price points may be lower than:

  • You are good at sales hunting. Massey has continued sales.
  • Shop you used. As mentioned, you can find beautiful pieces in the threadup.
  • You work your rebate. Get cash discounts from apps like your credit card, your browser extension (like Coupert) and Fetch.

Other options include renting a formal dress or borrowing / exchanging from a friend.

For more inspiration

Need more help? Check out my wedding guest dressing guide here: What to wear to any wedding, anytime

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