Guide to transport your car to another state

There are many reasons why someone might need to send their car to another state. Maybe you need to move your outdoor car to its new location or you just gave a car as a gift to a family member and have to move it across the country. Regardless of who you are Drive a car from state to state, It is always a good idea to do some research first so that you have the best chance of ensuring a smooth and affordable shipping experience. Our trained hulling experts here at We Will Transport will provide some helpful tips and information on what you should know when sending a car to another state.

Select the best car transport company

For those of you currently living in a metropolitan area, especially if it is a city like Miami or Los Angeles where countless cars are transported every day, you will have more options to choose from when choosing an auto transportation company. For example, if you live far from any major city or interstate, you will have fewer options to choose from when sending a car to another state.

How do I know if a car transportation company is reliable?

A great place to start testing a company’s online reviews with Google or Yelp Trustpilot is another great site where you can test a company’s reputation. Once you start compressing your search and come up with some decent and affordable options, compare them to online customer reviews. Another great source to check out a company using BBB and check out their ratings and reviews left there. Make sure the transportation company you decide on has a respectable, great review and has been in the industry for a long time. These are companies that have experience and know how to properly transport your car to another state

The cost of transporting a car from one state to another is

If you know someone who has shipped a car across the country in the past, you can ask them what company they hired and what their experience was like. They will probably share with you these details as well as the costs involved in transporting their car. In addition to knowing someone directly to use as a source, you will need to do some additional research and contact different shipping companies to get several quotes. Most good shipping companies will have some kind of online shipping calculator available so that customers can get a quick and accurate quote from them in minutes.

What kind of shipping method would you choose?

When choosing to transport your car you will probably be presented with a choice between two options: Open air transport Or Surrounded carrier transport. Open carrier shipping is the most affordable option where up to 9 other vehicles are loaded next to your vehicle in a trailer. Good for this option though Cheap car shipping It provides minimal amount of protection from harsh weather and potential hazards of the road during transportation. Bound transport is a more expensive shipping method but the fully enclosed trailer provides maximum protection with your vehicle and only a few vehicles can be shipped at a time. The method you choose will depend on the type of vehicle you want to drive and your personal needs.

Today most vehicles are shipped across our highways via open carrier transportation. Over time, transporting a vehicle using an open carrier has proven to be as safe for your automobile as using a tied transport. The cost associated with a closed trailer can be up to 50 percent higher than using an open carrier replica. It should also be noted that less closed carriers are driving on the road and there is less availability which not only makes it more expensive, but also makes it more difficult to schedule pickups.

Adequate your transportation schedule in advance

If this is your first time shipping a car to another state, there are a few things you should be aware of. The fact that the route your car is supposed to take seems relatively straight does not mean that the truck carrying your car will have an easy route without any obstacles. Transport car cross country This is a huge logistic puzzle where routes may have to be picked up or dropped off by other vehicles as well as jigs and jags everywhere, all of which can present situations that can slow down the whole process. You will be able to secure the best price available by booking in advance as much as possible. Sometimes this is not possible but if you are able to book several weeks in advance, you will have a good choice of options and rates.

Send your car with the experts we will transport it

Would you like to know more about shipping your car from one state to another? If you are ready to schedule your car for shipment, we will transport it to cover you. Call one of our experienced hauling experts 800-677-1196 And we can see our services and answer any of your car transportation questions. When you deal with us, you get honest and accurate answers from a real person. You can also view our online quote form at and get a free transparent quote without any obligation delivered to you within minutes. With a 5 star rating on Google and thousands of satisfied customers across the country, we are America’s preferred choice among customers when it comes to shipping anywhere in the country.

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