Honest 2022 Chickwish Review (and Photos!) After Spending $ 600 + Budget

Thanks to Chikwish for sponsoring this post and financing my summer dress overhaul. I paid for my time, but all the opinions below are really mine.


  • The Chikwish catalog is full of fun, interesting pieces that have a retro vibe.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the chicwish clothes I received.
  • The price of chickpeas is reasonable, especially in terms of quality. Do not ignore the sale items, which can be discounted from 20% to 40%.
  • Shipping may take some time and large orders may be split and arrive separately.

Do you know the feeling of looking at your closet and realize that you have nothing to wear? Often, it simply tells your brain that you have nothing Would like To wear. But not all the time. In my case, that was partly true.

Last year, I moved from Missouri to New Mexico. I approached the move as a massive decluttering effort. I have donated or sold furniture, household items and – you guessed it – clothes. (If you’re interested, you can collect some of my old clothes at ThredUp right now.) I’ve reduced my closet for my basics and best investment.

I mostly managed the winter of my jeans, sweatshirt and my big-ish coat collection. But once the days got warmer, I was constantly feeling that “nothing to wear”.

During that time Chikwish contacted me to review their shopping experience. I agree for two reasons. One, my clothing was insignificant. And two, I’ve been admiring Chikwish girl A-line skirts and crop tops for ages – but I haven’t bought one yet.

One thing I knew I didn’t like about Chikwish was the lack of many shot models in the product. I find it hard to imagine myself wearing a piece when I see it on a hanger vs. a person. I guess some of you feel the same way. So I joined hands with the Chikwish team in the review – I thought I’d enjoy the real life look of their outfits and you can too.

My Chikwish order

For the reasons mentioned above (I had nothing to wear), I went crazy with my chickwash shopping. Below are eight looks of my favorite Chickwish. I included the link to make this fun style shopping for you. You can follow Chicwish on Instagram and Pinterest for more retro-style inspiration.

1. A-line skirt + crop

Chicwish’s signature style is a full, high-waisted A-line skirt with a clever crop. My choices at that wheelhouse were a gorgeous white and blue floral skirt ($ 46.90) and a white top ($ 32.90) with pearl details around the neckline.

Katherine Brock is wearing a one-line chicwish skirt with a blue floral pattern and a white chicwish top.

I adore both pieces. The top is incredibly versatile – it can be worn with jeans or paired perfectly with wide-legged, high-waisted trousers. And the skirt? A statement maker. It is visually stunning and retains its shape after being worn all day. (Also, practically, I sprinkled guacamole on it and the stain washed off easily.)

2. Flower midi + twist top

Katherine Brock stands out at night, wearing a black knitted top and chic whiskey floral skirt.

The next is a chiffon floral midi skirt ($ 43.90) that I paired with a dual-style knit top ($ 49.90). The skirt is flirty, feminine, and light. It is also lined in the middle thigh. I like that detail because it means there is no chance that I will show up too much on a sunny day.

The cropped, short-sleeved sweater has a twist detail, as well as a Pikabu cutout. You can wear the twist and cutout on the front or back, but I like it on the front. If the cutouts aren’t as trendy as they are now, I might change my mind about that next year.

3. Kimono as a swimming coverup

Katherine Brock stands in front of the plank pool on the deck of the hotel after the white kimono coverup of Chikwish.

A floating white, waist-defined coverup ($ 52.90) with batting sleeves and crochet detail? Yes. In this kimono I felt like a poolside goddess. It’s the perfect complement to a modest, retro bikini.

Notice that the lightweight fabric of the kimono easily creases into a suitcase. A traditional iron or steam iron might be needed unless you want to rock the “I don’t like to dress” look (which I can’t say I didn’t).

4. Palm print dress

Katherine Brock walks from Chickwish wearing a palm print dress.

Chikwish’s Palm Print Halter Dress ($ 62.90) has received a five-star review from 50+ Chikwish customers, a favorite of fans. I personally think this dress is more beautiful than online. In real life, green prints are richer and more vibrant in color. The halter top with a fitted waistband is also incredibly flattering.

This piece is worn well with a strapless or racerback bra. The upper part is online. The skirt is lined, up to the knee. Like the kimono, this dress was a bit wrinkle in transit. A steam iron quickly softens these creases.

5. Starfish earrings

Catherine Brock wearing a starfish earring while holding a glass of close-up champagne.

I have paired the palm print dress with this delightful starfish earring ($ 9.90). When I ordered these, I thought they would be smaller – more like studs. The larger sizes were a pleasurable surprise, though, because they are still light and easy to wear. These have made their way into my regular rotation.

6. White jeans + pink camisole

Skinny jeans are thin, but now I have no excuse. These white, wide leg jeans are light enough to be very chic and comfortable. ”Data-pin-title =” 2022 Chicwish Review ”src =” https://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/6-white-pants-rose-cami-chicwish-600.jpg “Alt =” Katherine Brock is standing on a wooden deck with her hands on her hips, wearing a chicwish pink top and white pants. ” class = “wp-image-1640592 />

I’ve been known to fall into a skinny jeans rat, but now I have no excuse. These white, wide leg jeans are light enough to be very chic and comfortable.

They are also versatile. Here, I paired their nude pink ($ 32.90) with a chicwish satin cam – a nice upgrade to a cotton cam, tank or t-shirt. I also wore these white jeans with floral blouses and crop sweaters.

7. Wrap style top

Katherine Brock sits in a cane chair, wearing a chicwheis beige rap-style top.

Sometimes you need a top that will carry a dress by itself. This wrap-style crop ($ 39.90) fits the bill. The shoulders, wrists and sides add shape and interest, while the tilted back holds everything in place. Thanks to a neutral color, you can wear a top with almost anything – including white denim shorts for a patio drink.

8. Boyfriend sweater

Katherine Brock wears a gray sweater with black heart details on the chickwish, while shaping the heart with her fingers.

I’m thrilled to be adding this cute boyfriend sweater ($ 59.90) to my casual wardrobe collection. With a simple fit and playful heart ornament, this sweater keeps me stylish on those days when I want to stay in bed wrapped in a blanket.

I team this sweater with most jeans, but it can also work with a pencil skirt or leggings (depending on your size).

Chickwish price

Chicwish is affordable, but not rock bottom. Most items on the site cost 40 to $ 60. Maxi dresses and blazers are more expensive, usually high-top in the mid-$ 60s or $ 70s.

If you want to splurge, you can invest around 90 90 in a chic wool coat. I haven’t tried any quotes, but if the value matches the pieces I ordered, $ 90 is a price-rich price point.

Chikwish Shipping

Chikwish does not follow the Amazon model of getting items to your door in a few days. Clothing comes from abroad so naturally a long timeline is created. I placed my order on March 20th and received most of the items between April 5th and 25th. Some items came via DHL and some via FedEx.

I received shipping updates by email and text. Because my order was split, various updates have become confusing.

If you order several pieces at once like me, make a list of what you ordered and check the items as they arrive. You cannot access this information online by logging into your Chicwish account. As soon as the items are shipped, your order stays in the “processing” state – without an itemization of what has been sent or delivered.

Chikwish customer service

I had a sniff with my order and had to contact customer service. One month after I placed my order, I received no shipping notice for the three items. When I contacted, my customer service representative said that an item was no longer available, so they gave me a credit. He further added that they will send other items now.

The downside was that customer service was easy to reach via email and they responded quickly. But still, my order was stuck in an incomplete state and I had to contact them to find out why – which seemed strange. I would like to know if they would actively inform me about the delay.

Chikwish return policy

I didn’t have to return any of my chicwish pieces – always a good sign. However, I will leave out the highlights of the return policy here so that you have them

To receive a refund you must return the unwanted items within 30 days of receipt. Each piece of your order has a huge tag that must be attached. If you remove that tag or wear or wash your clothes, they are not refundable.

Chikwish pays for return shipping Your first return from a single order. To access a printable shipping label, log in to your account and tap My Orders. Then, look for the tab labeled “RMA”. Tap here and you’ll see a button to “Request a New Return”. Follow the prompts.

If you check out as a guest, you can access the return request from this page.

If you wish to make additional returns from the same order, you are responsible for the return shipping fee. You can still use the RMA process mentioned above to get a shipping label, and then Chicwish will deduct 7.99 from your refund.

You can choose whether you want your original payment, store credit or refund in exchange. If you choose Store Credit, you will receive a 2 bonus on top of your refund amount.

Should I buy again from Chicwish?

I will buy from Chicwish again. I like that the catalog has its own nature – the styles are different from what you find in other stores. And I can’t say enough about the quality of the clothes. Dresses and skirts are aligned, stitches are tight and strong, zippers are tight, and so on.

Also, the sizing charts are accurate. I went by the sizing chart for each piece of my order and everything fits as expected.

As mentioned, order delivery was not very fast. But I will take it at a reasonable price in exchange for chic, quality clothes.

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