At one time, jeans were the most common item of casual clothing. If you want to put together an outfit that’s simple and understated, wear something with a pair of jeans.

Today, jeans fashion is much more complicated. Jeans are by no means considered formalwear, but jeans indicate a more formal outfit than most casual clothing, such as joggers and sweatpants. Thus, when you plan to wear jeans you need to be more objective with other elements of your outfit, especially when it comes to your shoes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to learn through trial and error. This guide will help you understand the rules and regulations for pairing jeans and shoes, so you can feel comfortable and confident in any situation.


Once banned outside the gym, sneakers have become the go-to footwear for dressing up with jeans. Casual and comfortable, sneakers come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs, from simple white or black to big and bold. If the rest of your wardrobe is relatively plain, you can go wild with your sneaker fashion Expensive and brightly colored Air Jordans you rarely take them out of the box. However, bland and plain sneakers are best for smart-casual occasions when you want to look effortless. Be chic in your men’s jeans.


Perhaps the first footwear to be worn with jeans, boots remain one of the most stylish shoe options — and they come in tons of styles. Generally, you want to choose boots that read as casual or smart-casual, such as:

Leather hiking boots. Unlike performance footwear designed for hiking, plain leather hiking boots are perfect as off-mountain footwear.

work boots. Thick-soled and rugged for use on hazardous work sites, these boots can serve as an eye-catching accessory when paired with plain jeans.

Chelsea boots. Iconic due to an elastic panel along the ankle that makes them the easiest boot to get on and off, the Chelsea boot is sleek and smart.

Chukka. Also called the desert boot, the chukka is extremely versatile, able to be dressed up or down as you wish.

derby shoes

The original origins of derby shoes are somewhat shrouded in mystery, but today the footwear is an essential element of any man’s wardrobe. With open laces, a long and rounded toe, and three panels stitched together, the Derby has long been the Oxford’s unofficial cousin. Today, many men can’t say that Difference between these two The type of shoe, but derbies remain a safe choice for a denim outfit – as long as you dress up the rest of your outfit. A button-up shirt and/or a sport coat are essential to balance out the derby look.

Oxford shoes

Then again, it’s possible to wear a formal oxford shoe with a pair of jeans – as long as you choose the right pair of jeans. Unlike derby shoes, oxfords have laces, low heels, and four panel closures sewn into leather soles. You can find less formal oxfords, with eye-catching embellishments like brogues or wingtips, which may be more suitable for a jeans outfit, and you should try to make them look more casual by ditching your socks and opting for jeans with bare ankles.


Once the utterly unhip shoe of a previous generation, loafers have become the epitome of comfortable luxury, especially when worn with jeans. Loafers come in many styles, defined primarily by the decoration on their uppers: pennies, tassels, horseshoes, etc. In truth, boat shoes are a variation of loafers – but they are best reserved for younger men or men who actively stand on a boat. Other styles of loafers work well with jeans styles, adding interest and flair to almost any outfit. Polo shirts or turtlenecks layered under smart-casual outerwear create a cohesive and chic look any time of year.

Gone are the days when you could throw away jeans and any old shoes without a second thought. As jeans have become more fashionable, you should try to put together outfits that look fashion-forward – which means choosing the right shoes for the occasion.

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