How to dress stylishly while being a safe driver

Your instructor no doubt covered the basics of safe driving, but they probably didn’t go into every detail. Just as you need Dress appropriately for work, you have to wear proper clothes in the car. Otherwise, you can more easily lose control of the wheel or pedals.

What if you are at fault for a car accident?

You could be at fault for an accident if the clothing you were wearing could have obstructed your vision or your ability to use your arms and legs. In an at-fault accident, the person responsible for causing the accident pays for all damages. Your license is likely to be suspended.

It can take years to get your license back, and an SR-22 certificate is usually required if your state requires it. This cheap insurance article covers What you should know about the SR-22.

With that being said, your license will only be suspended if you rack up too many points on your license, but if you pay attention and maintain your vehicle, you can reduce your risk of an accident. An often overlooked part of safety is your driving attire, but it can make an absolute difference.

How to dress stylishly and stay safe as a driver

An unusual outfit can confuse you. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, distracted driving is the cause 15% of police-reported crashesSo take your outfit seriously.

Create a comfortable work outfit

What you wear is usually chosen by your workplace. Whether you’re asked to wear overalls for the workplace or a suit and tie for the bank, always tailor your outfit with comfort in mind. All your clothes can be adjusted to your exact measurements. Also, tailored clothing looks better.

While it’s not easy to look stylish in most work uniforms (company provided), you can be safe by tucking your pants into your boots and rolling up your sleeves from your palms.

For men who can wear business casual or suits, be sure to follow Dress shirt collar rules (keep it clean and buttoned up), put on a tie clip and take off your jacket. If your belt digs into your stomach, loosen it. Keep your pants hemmed about ½ to ⅔ of the way down the shoe.

Wear proper footwear (or socks).

Tight shoes are uncomfortable and confusing, while large shoes can limit your control. If you’re wearing shoes with low heels (ie, dress shoes), swap them out for something flattering when you get into the car. Keep a pair of smooth but flat driving shoes in your car at all times.

In a pinch, it’s safe to drive without your shoes, but driving in your socks isn’t exactly stylish. Speaking of socks, make sure they’re long and tight enough to stay snug on your calves. You don’t want your socks to get into your shoes, as this can cause irritation or blisters.

Dress for the season (plus accessories)

In summer, wear light clothing and avoid too many layers. If you get hot while driving, you may become distracted. Even when this happens, be sure to stop the car before moving anything. For this reason, it is best to take off your winter jacket when you enter the car.

It is common for men to wear it Large overcoat In winter, but they can hinder your feet. If possible, wear a warm sweater instead of a coat unless you plan to do a lot of walking.

If you’re wearing jewelry, make sure it’s snug and doesn’t get twisted or caught. Bags, gloves and loose scarves should be removed and placed on the seat next to you.

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