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The Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta, aka Pantone 18-1750. This bright color is a bold, fearless color that encourages experimentation and self-expression. It is a powerful choice that inspires vim and energy and gives us the strength to take on challenges.

Magenta is a mixture of red and purple, reminiscent of carmine in the red family of cochineal, a natural dye shade native to nature that has been used since ancient times. It evokes the forces of nature, from blooming flowers to raging oceans, giving us the inner strength and courage to embrace the unknown with a new signal of energy. Sounds like a nice addition to your style rotation, right?

Read on to learn how to take part in the Magentaverse — that is, how to style and wear Viva Magenta in 2023.

What color pairs well with magenta?

Magenta is an unconventional shade for an unconventional person. This beautiful mauve-pink hue adds a pop of color to any look. Magenta pairs exceptionally well with yellow and turquoise. Both can bring out the vibrancy of magenta. However, magenta is versatile enough to work with a wide range of color combinations. Feel free to get creative!

Whether you’re wearing head-to-toe magenta or add a few pieces, you can make a statement with this striking shade.

What skin tones look best with magenta?

Magenta looks great on warm and cool tones! When pairing it with your complexion, look for shades of magenta that complement your natural undertones.

If you have warm undertones, choose magenta-related shades like deep purples and fuchsias to bring out your best features. Cooler undertones look great with bright and true pinks and more muted tones like lavender and violet.

Whichever shade you choose, the trick is to find one that enhances your natural beauty and makes you feel confident.

How to Wear Magenta Tops

An easy way to style a magenta top is to wear it with dark bottoms. Black-fitting jeans or skinny jeans look great with a sleeveless magenta top. Choose flat shoes or low heels for maximum comfort. Keep accessories to a minimum so as not to draw attention away from the top.

Another option is a lightweight chiffon top with rolled-up sleeves for a classic yet stylish look. Balance the magenta color with a light pink or white maxi skirt. Add some contrast with an orange or yellow belt, sandals and a medium-sized handbag. Accessorize with silver jewelry.

How to wear magenta bottoms

Magenta bottoms are a fun and bold way to show off your fashion sense. Try pairing magenta bottoms with a fitted white long-sleeved top to create an outfit that will turn heads. To add an unexpected twist, throw on an animal print jacket. You can accessorize with a thin belt and a chunky necklace. When it comes to shoes, baby pink stiletto heels are the best option for this look.

You can also opt for a simple yet sophisticated, feminine look. Try wearing a flowy knee-length magenta skirt to create a classic and feminine outfit. Pair the skirt with a light sleeveless top, preferably in a bold color with a touch of magenta print. Depending on the occasion, you can accessorize this outfit with a light colored sling bag.

Other Ways to Wear Pantone Colors of 2023

Adding magenta to an outfit doesn’t have to be limited to clothing pieces. There are tons of ways to accessorize with the color of the year:

  • shoes A bold use of magenta. Pumps, sandals, sneakers and boots all come in different shades of magenta for any occasion.
  • a scarf A great way to add color and texture to any look. Nail polish, lipstick and eyeshadow come in different shades of magenta.

If you’re looking to add magenta to your wardrobe this year, check out these best-selling magenta accessories, shoes, nail polish, lipsticks, and more on Amazon.

The best Pantone colors of 2023

Whether you choose to wear the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 as an accent color or rock it head-to-toe, this year is sure to rock your wardrobe — and turn a few heads in the process.

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