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Three years ago, I talked about sequins as a boomerang fashion trend. These sparkly discs were in the spotlight in 2010 and then came back with a vengeance in 2018. Well, guess what? Sequins are back and better than ever.

That means it’s time for a refresher on how to wear sequins. After all, they are kind of complicated. A little sequin vibe can easily go unnoticed. But it’s too much and, well, people have to talk. It’s that hero-or-zero dilemma that comes with any bold fashion trend. The stakes are high. But when you nail that sequin dress, you’ll be the sparkle (and life) of the party.

I’ll start with the biggest takeaway for wearing sequins: keep it cool. Here’s how to do it.

5 Tips for Wearing Sequins with Class

1. Don’t double up

As with most trends, don’t overdo it. Yes, it’s easy to get mesmerized by all that glittering splendor. But if you have a sparkly, sparkly skirt, say no to a sparkly clutch and sparkly sandals.

Instead, opt for smaller classics to surround your glittery pieces. A soft, cashmere-like sweater, for example, balances beautifully with the stiffness of a sparkly skirt. Add solid colored pumps to the mix and you’re golden. Pun intended.

2. Tone down your daytime sequined look

You can rock sequins during the day. Wear more than you should at night. I’m not sure about this, but I’ve heard that playing with too many sequins in broad daylight can burn the corneas in your audience and fans.

For daytime, try a burnt gold sequin cami with wide-leg, tan pants under a cream cardi or blazer. Platform pumps in the same color will anchor that outfit nicely.

3. Play up your sequins for the night

At night, go ahead and rock that sequin pencil skirt or mini-dress. The same goes for shiny handbags. And since we’re on the subject, a handbag with sequins should never be anything more than a clutch or wristlet. No fully equipped gym bags or totes. grace

For date night, you can pair a long-sleeved, sequin top with dark-wash, straight-cut jeans. Dark denim provides nice, balanced contrast. Finish the outfit with a delicate pump.

4. Don’t wear sequins in bright patterns or colors

A black sequin sheath for a holiday cocktail party? Yes. It’s a gorgeous take on the traditional little black dress. You can easily add a stylish evening jacket to the mix. But a chic fuschia dress with a poufy prom-esque skirt? no Adorable on the mannequin, but almost impossible to pull off unless you’re 17 and headed for a snowball.

Sequins stand out by themselves. Don’t pair them with a bright color unless you want your clothes to feel like a visual assault to everyone around you. Stick with neutral, solid colors. It’s your style safety zone.

5. Buy knowing everyone will remember it.

If you’re shopping with price-per-wear in mind, it’s hard to justify a sequin dress. You can use a sequin handbag over and over again, but a dress? Not too much. If you have an entire party season and a limited budget for party wear, skip the dress. Everyone will remember you wore it party to party. You will get tired very quickly.

Instead, pick a sequin clutch or skirt. Then you can switch up your style with bright colored tops and versatile shoes. You will stand for all the right reasons.

6. Don’t wear sequin minis or pants, unless…

You’re feeling bold. Embellished short skirts and pants look more wrong than right. More versatile sequin pieces are skirts, dresses, handbags and tops.

Catherine Brock in a sequin dress.
Here I will confess: I own a very small sequin dress that I love. So, you know, feel free to bend the rules when it feels right.

7. Do the sub in the metal.

If actual sequins seem too much, reach for metallic pieces instead. As stylish and easy to wear as they are.

5 Ways to Wear Sequins

Here are five sequin dress ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Wear a sequined skirt with a white surplice top and nude pumps.
  2. Slip a soft sweater over a sequin dress.
  3. Try a sequined button-down shirt and a silky cami over jeans. Keep the shirt unbuttoned and anchor the outfit with heeled sandals.
  4. If you dare, wear faux leather leggings with a loose-fitting, partially sequined top and conservative black pumps.
  5. A cropped jacket with sequins will look great over a soft t-shirt, boyfriend jeans and ankle boots.
Smiling model wearing sequin dress.
Looking for a gore sequin dress? This one has it all. Shimmer, shape, and style. Oh, and a budget price too. Find this sequin dress at

How to Wear Sequins FAQ

Can you wear sequins in summer?

Yes, you can wear sequins in summer. For your own comfort, only reach for things that sparkle at night. All other, cold season, sequins say yes. November, December, January, February…you get the idea.

How to wear sequin pants? And where?

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pair of sequin pants that I liked. But if I was To wear them, I would pair those pants with a soft, white or cream top. A lightweight blazer and pumps would also be nice additions. You can apply the same dress rules to sequin mini skirts.

You want to wear this dress decorated, but fun occasions with friends. Try a NYE party, cruise ship formal night, a girls’ night in a big city, or a cocktail party. Avoid any dancing incidents though. Close contact can ruin your clothes and scrape anyone near you.

How do you accidentally wear sequins?

Here are the best ways to wear sequins: your favorite jeans with a cute top, heeled sandals and a sequin clutch. You can also wear a partially embellished cami or top with the same jeans and sandals. This time, reach for a simple leather (or faux) clutch.

Burn up my friend

Want to know more about how to wear sequins? Please contact and ask. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the feeds, beaming with confidence.

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