Learn about smoke rings and other techniques

Recently, vaping has become quite popular among smokers. Less tar is less harmful than marijuana and cigarettes, but also more fun. This produces more smoke than other smoking methods, which allows smokers to come up with some beautiful smoking techniques.

In this article, we have gathered some basic but great strategies that any beginner can learn in a short time. You can also do these tricks with cigarettes and hash. Get the best hash Dosage CBD To better complement your strategies. Now is the time for you to be in your group of friends!

This is one of the easiest strategies out there, and you can do it successfully on your first try Here, a thick cloud of smoke is formed, which looks like a ghost. So how did you do it? Take a long puff of your vapor, hold your breath for a few seconds so that the smoke accumulates in your oral cavity and then release the smoke from your mouth by forming an O shape. Do not force the smoke. Let it out and then quickly close your mouth.

Want your smoke to flow like water? Waterfalls are strategies that you have to try. For this simple technique you will need a bottle with a little frozen water at the bottom. All you have to do is pour the smoke into the bottle and then slowly pour it out. Since the smoke is thicker and heavier than air, it will fall downwards. It looks like you’re literally blowing smoke out of a bottle.

This technique allows you to create tornadoes with smoke. Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? What happens here is that the flat pool of smoke expands to create the illusion of a tornado. For this technique, it is best to use a vapor mode or pen that produces static and dense vapor. How do you do that Exhale a thick cloud of steam on a flat surface, cut the smoke with your hand and move your hand upwards so that the smoke rises to the top. This prolongs the smoke, giving it the shape of a tornado. This may sound a bit tricky, but give it a try and see the magic!

This is a classic of smoking techniques. It may seem difficult to blow O’s or ring when someone else does it, but with the right technique and a little practice you can master it very easily. For this technique, inhale the smoke and create a dense cloud. Then place your tongue behind your throat so that it covers your epiglottis. Then exhale and move your tongue, simultaneously exposing the back of your throat. Make an O shape on your face as you exhale the smoke to create a ring shape, and voila!

Once you’ve mastered O, now is the time to take it to a new level. Let’s see how you can make Double and Triple Os. This is very easy if you can do a single O perfectly. All you have to do to make the boogie is put your fingers on your lips. For the double O’Or, place a finger in the middle of your lip and gently press to create two bogies for the smoke to escape. For Triple O you need to keep two fingers so that there are three bogies for smoking.

This technique is quite simple. Just make sure the vaping pod produces thick, heavy smoke. Make a pretty big O, and then simply push the smoke with your hands. Keep your fingers close to each other so that smoke does not pass through them.

This technique is basically blowing a small ring in the middle of a large ring. The rings eventually come together to form a jellyfish structure.

It looks like an inverted waterfall or like the teeth of a skeleton! Take a big puff of smoke. When you exhale it, inhale it again, but this time, with your nose. The breathing air moves to your nose, creating an inverted waterfall. Fans of Batman? Then this strategy is a must for you because it makes you look like a forest!

This smoking technique makes you look like a fire-breathing dragon, subtracting fire. Take a long puff; The longer, the better, the longer the puffs will create more smoke. The idea is to exhale smoke through your mouth and your nose at the same time and with the same force. Let the smoke collect in your face. Then blow it in the corner of your mouth. Touch the center of your lip to create two separate openings at each corner. Use the same force to exhale through the mouth and nostrils. That’s it. Sounds cute? Don’t worry! You can become a professional at it with just a few practice rounds.

Blowing triangles is as easy as blowing ABCs once you are comfortable blowing O’s. This technique combines vape bends and blows of good old O’s. Blow up a ring and then push in three directions using your hand. This will make a triangle and your O will bend inwards. Here, the movement of your hands is extremely important. Give it a try, and you’ll be able to easily perform this trick.

This technique also involves blowing. Go in front of a mirror, blow a medium sized O and then inhale through your nostrils. The smoke rises and it looks like you’ve got a smoky septum ring!

You must have heard about Lasso of Truth from Wonder Woman. Now is the time to know your smoke! Like the jellyfish technique, you have to blow two more here. Blow a big O, then push it out with your palate. Give your second and blow, which should be smaller than before. The latter has to be blown a little faster so that it goes through the big O. Once in the middle of the small and large o, lasso is formed. This strategy can be a bit complicated at first. Practice the basics and only then will you be able to grasp this technique easily.

Want to impress your friends at a drinking party? This simple strategy will surely get everyone’s attention! Remember the waterfall strategy? This technique is quite similar but much simpler. You will need half a glass of cold liquid, which is why this technique can be easily done at a party with drinks. The larger the diameter of the glass, the better. Take a large puff from your vap pod, take your glass and touch the glass rims with your lips as if you were taking a sip, and then slowly blow the smoke into the glass. The smoke floats on the liquid.

Have you seen the beautiful, colorful smoke stuck inside the bubbles? Let’s see how they are done. For this technique you will need a few things: a toilet paper roll, some soapy water and your vap pod. Dip the toilet paper roll in soapy water as you would with a bubble stick. Take a puff from your pod. Blow the paper roll in such a way that a bubble is formed and at the same time, the smoke enters the bubble. If you’re satisfied with the bubble shape, it’s time to pop! You can get vape pods that produce colored smoke, making this technique look a hundred times cooler.

This strategy is small and nothing more than a chain. Just breathe from your pod behind your neck. Then blow while tapping the side of your neck while blowing small rings.

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Tips for better performance

Vaping can be a lot of fun. Of course, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you will get with these techniques. However, with these tips, you will get better results.

The power of the lungs

Most techniques involve smoke entering your lungs directly. So once you develop your lung capacity you will become better at these techniques.


Using more energy will lead to stronger smoke production. So use a vape pod with low resistance, because low resistance requires more energy for heating.

Coil configuration

More coils means more surface area to evaporate your e-juice. So take a pod or pen that has more coils.

High VG e-liquid

Best for e-liquid smoking techniques with 70% VG. However, it is likely to contain high levels of nicotine. So we recommend drinking nicotine-free liquids so that you can practice the technique for a long time without harming yourself.

Air flow

Wide airflow holes can create dense smoke. In fact, most sub-ohm devices have this advantage. These cool the steam, so it’s easier for you to breathe.

It’s showtime!

As you can see, most of the techniques involve blowing the ring. So once you master O’s, the other strategies just change it. Now that you’ve read about fifteen different strategies, it’s time for you to try them out.

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