Now taking a distant job and how to get a well paid position

If you are looking for a job online because of COVID-19, you are not alone. As the world becomes more remote, more and more employers are recommending remote work. Thus, new job opportunities will be created for your health without any risk. When preparing your questions for a resume and improving your skills, check LinkedIn resume service This is to ensure ATS bot pass. In the meantime, we will tell you about the most popular remote jobs and how to get them down

# 1 Human Resource Manager

Yes, hiring managers are people who will give you an interview and then give you a job if they like you. An HR manager has more responsibilities than a typical employer. Sometimes called a career counseling specialist, an HR specialist is responsible for recruiting new talent and training new employees. They must ensure that workers are happy in the work environment.

That all sounds great. But how do you get a job that pays around $ 115,000 a year?

  • Demonstrate your technical knowledge. In the age of COVID-19, software must be used for remote calls and job interviews;
  • Improve your project management skills as self-organization and discipline are important for remote work;
  • Learn to manage conflict. Due to the remote nature of modern work, they have tons.

# 2 Graphic Designer

With an average annual income of $ 40,000, being a graphic designer may seem like a dream job to many students. There is no need to create a winning resume as your resume is an actual art portfolio. Many companies hire remotely through freelance sites like Upwork or 99 Design. You can also search graphic design remote job offers on the best job search websites like Jubilee. Therefore, you may already be employed remotely in a job search as a potential employee.

How to nail art and design good paid job position?

  • Create a stunning portfolio;
  • Use the freelance platform to showcase your accomplishments and get more interviews;
  • Create your special site to expand your career resources and reach more clients.

# 3 Software Engineer

These experts are at the top of the professional hierarchy. Of course, one needs extensive training to enter the IT industry. In the end, the job pays well 110,000 a year. The main responsibility of a software engineer is to create custom systems or software. Yes, they are the guys who invented the tracking process to make an applicant’s life more difficult.

To win a job in the software development segment you must:

  • There is an impeccable education department;
  • Be creative when solving client problems;
  • Develop core skills such as fantastic critical thinking and teamwork.

# 4 Medical author

The average salary of a medical writer is obviously higher than that of a blog or content writer. Medical writing is suitable for those who have a background in medicine or biochemistry. This work requires impressive research skills and a scientific mind.

To earn about $ 100,000 in the future, you must:

  • Get extra training;
  • Engage in scientific projects to invest in your career;
  • Get work experience in writing;
  • Write a bot-beating resume or reach out to a resume-writing company and get professional help.

# 5 Psychotherapist

The nature of psychotherapy is also changing. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your own home to see your therapist. Instead, one can easily schedule a meeting online with their mental health professional.

To get an average annual salary of 62000, you must:

  • Bachelor in Clinical Psychology (yes, a Basic High School Diploma will not work for this career);
  • Get a license that allows you to practice as a psychotherapist;
  • Create a business site to attract more clients.

# 6 Freelance writer

Want to expand your writing business? Although working as a freelance writer is more difficult, you may want to try this option. First, the projects are better paid and you feel more growth as an expert. However, like any other profession, for freelancing you need to be competitive and show a good qualification.

The downside of being a freelancer is that you need to be different from other job seekers.

The average annual income of a freelance writer is $ 63,000. Although you do not have to pass the ATS system here, you must create an outstanding job application for your clients.

# 7 Technical Support Manager

There is a small chance for you to consider this top IT career for yourself. One of the leading professions in the IT job market, this position attracts highly competitive individuals. Therefore, it is not surprising that the annual income of a technical support director is about $ 100000.

  • To apply for the position of Technical Assistance Manager, you must:
  • Have a degree in computer science or information technology;
  • Has outstanding knowledge of automation process;
  • Feel comfortable working with data;
  • Be responsible when it comes to your responsibilities.

# 8 Database Administrator

If you prefer to manage data, consider being a remote database administrator. The average salary is about $ 73,000. In some cases, a database administrator is responsible for creating the database. Otherwise, the main responsibility of this expert is to ensure that all data processes work smoothly.

If you scan the modern job market, you will see that many companies need a database administrator. Therefore, a great way to add a new experience to your resume.


Working from a distance has become a fashion nowadays. By working from a distance, you will not endanger your health. Plus, you’ll be saving time and more freedom. Our list of distant professions has shown you that it is possible to find a distant job and grow professionally. Create a bot-winning resume and you’re ready to find the job of your dreams!

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