Princess of Wales in soft blue for a Northern Ireland engagement – what?

The Prince and Princess of Wales completed a day of engagements in Northern Ireland on Thursday. Below, you can see Belfast County Borough Deputy Lieutenant Dr Philip McGarry welcoming them.

The Baron and Lady Carrickfergus, as the couple are styled in Northern Ireland, visited PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland, a mental health charity providing crisis support for those at risk of suicide and self-harm. Here you see the princess receiving flowers from 12-year-old Alice Quinn, whose mother is the CEO of PIPS.

more from Belfast Telegraph:

PIPS was established in 2003 after 14 young people went missing to suicide in Belfast.

During their visit, William and Kate spoke to staff about their work to help people at risk of suicide and self-harm.

PIPS officials said they had “a great conversation about mental health and how we support suicidal people and their families.”

Northern Ireland Office

Members of the royal family helped pack “little boxes of hope” packages for children receiving help from the charity.

Packages include things like ‘Little Seeds of Hope’ wildflower seed packets.

The couple did a walkout after leaving PIPS.

In another way.

Their next stop was at the Trademarket, a food and retail market in central Belfast, aimed at featuring new businesses.

They take part in a cocktail making competition.

more from of the Telegraph coverage of the day.

…William triumphed over his notoriously competitive wife when they were taught mixology at the Trademark before a race to see who could concoct a cocktail the fastest.

The couple accepted the challenge before stepping behind the bar and listening intently to instructions.

Ready to start pouring, the princess exclaimed: “She’s started,” eliciting a laugh from William, and began herself, pouring measures of various drinks into a cocktail maker to create Up the Logan in a Bubble. The cocktail is named after the river that runs through Belfast and “I wasn’t born yesterday.”

William was marginally ahead, shaking the ingredients together, quickly pouring the drink over ice before adding mint and being declared champion.

We are back telegraph Slice once more.

Will Neill, founder of TradeMarket, said: “It’s a great group of people here. We have a bar and a cocktail menu with drinks named after each vendor. The prince and princess spin a wheel to choose whose cocktail will be made. It was very good fun.

He added of the visit: “They were really good sports and they were beyond that, they were just lovely, lovely people. It’s a boost to what we’re trying to do here to see them.”

A quick video from Kensington Palace.

The couple’s last stop of the day was Carrick Connect, a “youth-led group that works with anti-social behavior as well as positively equips young adults through mentoring,” according to the organization’s Facebook page. The charity is based in Carrickfergus.

Below, one of the team’s co-founders, Jonny Ewart, and his partner Tracey, when they met the princess.

The organization provides counseling services to people aged 11 – 25 years

The couple met young people receiving services from Carrick Connect, as well as staff and volunteers. The charity was awarded the Queen’s Award in Voluntary Service (QAVS), the highest award a group can receive and is equivalent to an MBE.

The princess met him with one, and Tracy on the right.

more from of the mirror story.

Kate, mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, then cradled the baby in her arms as William gave her a knowing smile and joked: “More babies, more babies” before admitting: “Catherine loves to hug babies.” The prince then described the baby as “very sweet”…

The royals walked in Carrickfergus, in County Antrim, about ten miles from Belfast.

Above and below you can see the couple with Mrs Miranda Gordon, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of the County.

Northern Ireland Office

There was quite a crowd to meet them at the seaside of the town.

from Northern Ireland is the world coverage

Today’s visit comes more than 60 years after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Carrickfergus during her visit to Northern Ireland in 1961.

Mayor of Mid and East Antrim, Alderman Noel Williams, said: “It’s a huge honor to welcome the Prince and Princess to my home town of Carrickfergus, and the response and joy of the residents is testament to the warmth. And tribute to our Royal Family here.

“Our strong relationship with the Royal Family and Their Royal Highnesses is well documented – indeed we have a road called Prince William Way – and today was an event that we will reflect on fondly for many years to come.

“Personally, as an RAF veteran and wing commander within the service, I also enjoyed talking to Prince William, himself an accomplished RAF search and rescue pilot, about our military past.

“I am absolutely delighted that the Carrick Connect royal couple have been recognized for their commitment to our community and the transformative impact their initiatives have on the lives of so many young people in our borough.

Below you can see Carrickfergus Castle in the background, considered “one of the best preserved medieval structures in Ireland” according to Antrim Coast and Glens.

Kensington Palace posted a quick video of the day’s proceedings.

Now see what Kate wore in Northern Ireland.

He was wearing the coat that we saw before the unidentified remains. The soft blue design was initially worn for a June engagement in Cambridgeshire.

With thanks Carly A Kate Middleton style For another awesome ID, her blouse is by Wizner London. The soft blue blouse (£295) is described as “95% Mulberry luxury quality silk with 5% elastane to allow for improved fit, ease of movement, a luxurious handle and reduced creasing.”

Today’s team mentions the azure shade known as Irish Blue (more info here and here).

The princess accessorized with her Gianvito Rossi 105 suede pumps, shown below as worn on another occasion.

She brought back her DeMellier London Nano Montreal bag ($395).

and her Misoma Mini Pyramid Charm Hoop Earrings ($110).

This is something of a short post. We’ve been traveling and trying to deal with site issues, which we think have been resolved, except for restoring posts since mid-August last week. Those files have been restored and will be added back to the site next week. I apologize for the hassle-factor, I know it’s been more than annoying for some of you.

Also today, a video of the Princess in support of Rugby Football Union patronage.

More from this people story.

The Princess of Wales, who earlier this year took over as Patron of Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union, shared a video message wishing the Red Roses luck as they compete in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, which kicks off. at the weekend

In the video, the princess wears her Zara blazer, her Kiki McDonough citrine drops and what looks like an England rugby pin. We first saw the blazer when the Duchess of Cambridge visited Copenhagen in February this year.

Here is the video.

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