Princess of Wales Wears Roland Mouret for Boston Engagement – Key Kate

The Princess of Wales wore Roland Mouret for Day 2 of her visit to Boston.

Crowds began gathering outside Greentown Labs in Somerville early in the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals.

A welcome greeting.

One of those eager to see members of the royal family was Henri Dinov-Teixeira, who was eight years old. (We will see Henry again.)

Greentown Labs is the largest clean-tech incubator in North America. A quick video as the royals arrive.

A Kensington Palace news release noted that Greentown “has supported more than 500 companies since its inception that have collectively created more than 9,000 jobs and raised more than $4 billion in funding.”

More from WCVB’s story.

Greentown Labs houses more than 200 climate technology start-ups One of the five companies that will highlight the work of the Prince and Princess of Wales is Sublime Systems, which produces carbon-neutral cement.

“When the calendar event landed in my in-box, like ‘Hold for the Prince and Princess of Wales,’ it really hit me,” said Leah Ellis of Sublime Systems.

The royals met with representatives of some of the start-ups in the Greentown Labs community. offers more on this story.

Inside, William and Kate asked questions about the lab and its history before meeting five current or former Greentown Lab-affiliated businesses:

  • c16 Biosciences, a company exploring decarbonized alternatives for the consumer goods supply chain.
  • QuantAQ, which is developing internet-connected air quality sensors that can test for air pollutants.
  • Open Ocean Robotics, which is developing solar-powered autonomous boats that provide real-time ocean data. (Julie Angus, CEO and co-founder, showed the couple real-time data from a boat in the harbor in Victoria, British Columbia, where the company is headquartered. “Five knots? That’s pretty fast,” a surprised William looked at a computer monitor. “It’s amazing that It’s not capsized.”).
  • Nth Cycle, a business working to decarbonize the critical mineral supply chain.
  • Sublime Systems, a company behind low-carbon cement.

As the prince and princess left, they saw Henry.

and stopped to chat with him. more from of the Daily Mail Article

William and Kate were so impressed by an eight-year-old boy dressed as a Grenadier Guard during an engagement in Boston that they requested to meet the young man.

Henry donned the outfit after a trip to Buckingham Palace earlier this year, obsessed with all things royal, including a chance to watch the changing of the guard.

By Richard Palmer Express Report This was Henry’s Halloween costume.

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Her mother, Melissa Teixeira, added: ‘It was surreal, it was really spectacular. It was a real experience on a beautiful day in Somerville.

‘I think they surprised Henry as a British guard. Princesses are definitely great with kids.

‘She just complimented him great and he complimented her so it was a great experience.

‘Henry managed to mention his visit to London and he asked where George was and he said he was at school. He asked if she should stay at school and she said yes – and of course laughed.’

Another picture of Henry.

The Prince and Princess’ next stop was at Roca, a nonprofit that focuses on youth considered at high risk for becoming primary victims or drivers of violence.

more from of Coverage of the day’s events.

Roca appears to deal with trauma and teach young people emotional regulation, giving them a buffer between their thoughts and their actions, he explained.

“The key is to create a safe environment for them to learn and practice this emotional regulation, because we believe that once you heal the trauma, you set the person free,” Baldwin said.

Roca has results to back up this approach: In Massachusetts, four out of five youths who come to Roca stop engaging in violence, and 70% of youth are not rehabilitated within three years, according to the organization’s website.

The couple listens to Roca. and from hello Engagement cover articles.

ROCA aims to reduce levels of trauma, violence and incarceration, create sustainable employment and improve parenthood. They work closely with critical public systems such as police officers, judges, corrections officers and child protective services to help develop policies and practices that create better outcomes for youth who are primary victims or drivers of violence.

They spoke with several men and women the organization had helped and met with leaders to learn about their intervention model and spend time with women in the Young Mothers program, current members and alumni of the Young Men’s program.

The royals spent time with young mothers in the charity’s crèche area.

A quick video.

Princess with a small one.

After their engagement, the Prince and Princess took an impromptu walk.

Daily Mail There is more to this piece.

Kate Middleton left a young royal fan in tears of joy today when she and Prince William embarked on an impromptu walk in Boston during the latest leg of their charm offensive tour – which has been dramatically overshadowed by controversy.

One particularly emotional fan broke down in tears when Kate approached the princess before holding her hand and thanking her for ‘everything she’s done’.

‘You’re so beautiful, thank you for everything,’ the woman said as she held Kate’s hand, breaking down in tears as the mother-of-three approached her.

A video from the walkout.

In another way.

The temperature was in the high 30’s and low 40’s with a wind, so it was cool.

Another video.

Many selfies have been taken today!
Now see what Kate wore for the day’s engagement.

Caroline Parr that she had a plum or aubergine pantsuit Daily Mail Report a Roland Mouret design. The jacket features a single-breasted silhouette, angled flap pockets, peaked lapels and slight flare at the cuffs. Middleton Maven Pointing out that the trousers are very similar to the Roland Mouret Axon trousers previously worn by the princess. This style features vertical pockets, a side zipper and a flat front.

Readers may recall that Roland Mouret faced financial challenges during the pandemic and entered into a business arrangement with Han Chong, founder and owner of another royal favorite brand, Self-Portrait. More from the relaunched Roland Mouret site.

In 2021, Roland Mouret was acquired by SP Collection, a holding company dedicated to discovering, nurturing and developing best in class creativity and design. In this new chapter, the Roland Mouret brand, headquartered in London, will continue to explore traditional silhouettes with a focus on modern wardrobes.

The pink blouse remains UFO this time.

The princess carried her Chanel Nouvelle Flap bag in calfskin with enamel handle, which was first noted when she carried it during a March 2017 visit to Paris.

Her heels could be the Gianvito Rossi 105 pumps that the Princess has worn for several years.

She repeated her Daniela Draper Luxury Maxi Cupid Hoop Earrings ($3100).

I’ll be back soon with a separate post about the couple’s engagement in Boston Harbor, which is now underway


Henry talks about his meeting with the princess.

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