The Cambridge Watch Stars come out at the Platinum Party tonight at the Palace –

The Duchess brought back a self-portrait design for tonight’s Platinum Party at the Palace Concert.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their parents for a mega-concert in front of Buckingham Palace.

Like yesterday’s Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s and Trooping the Color on Thursday, there was a large display of royal family members. Below, Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

The BBC The report states that “ten minutes before the concert began, Prince Charles walked a short distance from Buckingham Palace to the Royal Box, shook hands cheerfully towards the crowd and shouted” Charles! Sir! Sir! ” And their camera phones have been zoomed in. “

Wessex family.

Princess Beatrice and her husband Eduardo Maple Mozi.

Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

Here is a wide shot of the royal box.

You can see Tyndals, Mike and Zara behind the Duchess in this next photo. Some of you may know Ken Olisa, the gentleman to the right of the Duchess, Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London. We’ve seen him very busy over the years.

Also in the royal box are Peter Phillips, Princess Ann, Isla Phillips, Sir Tim Lawrence and Savannah Phillips. Behind Peter Phillips, you see Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (above ivory).

Lord Frederick Windsor and his wife Sophie Winkleman.

In the front row you see (l to r) the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Julia Olisa, wife of the Lord-Lieutenant; In the second row, Lord Nicholas Windsor, Prince and Princess Michael; In the third row I think there are several members of the Chatto family.

The Middleton family was at the concert. Below, Pipa Matthews.

This next photo shows Pipper’s husband James Matthews with James Middleton on the left.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, were in attendance, as were London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labor leader Carey Starmer. (I’m sure I’ll miss others.)

There were 22,000 guests outside Buckingham Palace for temporary seating for the event. There were huge crowds along the Mall and Buckingham Palace.

Journalist Victoria Murphy শেয়ার shared a great picture of the sunset

A wide shot.
The event began with a visit between Queen and Paddington Bears, an appearance by HM with James Bond Skeet for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. Anyone who has ever wondered what HM puts in his handbag, here is the answer. (The video lasts less than a minute.)

The concert began with the Queen and Adam Lambert.

People Magazine’s Simon Perry shared a short video.

Other big names include Alicia Key.

From Rolling live coverage of the Telegraph:

S.She sings her hit superwoman song, which she dedicates to the king, and Buckingham Palace bathes in the orange light as Girl on Fire.

“I love you, London,” she says.

Speaking to the crowd, he said: “You know when I’m in London, I think I’m at home. It reminds me a lot of New York. I love you London.”

Sir Rod Stewart did Sweet Caroline.

Duran Duran’s John Taylor, Simon Le Bonn and Andy Taylor with Neil Rogers.

Andrea Boseli sings Nesun Derma.

There was a segment focusing on the West End musical. Below, Lynn Manuel Miranda and Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber.

More from The Express and Star:

During her performance at the Platinum Party at the Lynn-Manuel Miranda Palace, the Queen’s ancestor consented to King George III.

The composer and playwright joined Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber for part of his performance, which was a tribute to Lord Lloyd Weber as well as other notable British musicals working on the West End show.

Lord Lloyd Weber, while playing the piano, asked Miranda: “Do you have a Hamilton selection for our Queen?” Alexander Hamilton, the father of the American founder, is mentioned in his Tony and Olivia Award-winning rap musical.

Giles Tera as Aaron Burr Hamilton West End Production I believe he is doing Wait for it.

Shortly after Mr. Tera and Miranda had finished their performance.

Opera Phantom.

Diana Ross is off the show.

There were many flags.

The children of Cambridge had some favorite expressions on their faces.

Another picture.

Prince George and his father shared a smile.

A few photo captions will make great food for the competition.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how people react to the photos

There was a spectacular light show depicting things related to the queen.

From Deadline Columns:

Even though Diana Ross was at the top of the bill, arguably the biggest star of the night was the light show, with some gorgeous pictures of the Queen projected onto the walls of the palace and other illuminations across London’s night sky.

My husband says drones were used for display parts.

Prince William spoke on the occasion.

More from this People Story.

Appeared during the Duke of Cambridge Our green planet The segment of the event, which began with Sir David Attenborough’s pre-recorded words and spectacular imagery of the planet.

William took the stage, beginning by saying, “Good evening everyone. It’s wonderful to be here with you on this incredible night. And it’s great to see Buckingham Palace turned into an IMAX screen!”

Prince Charles also spoke.

Evening standard There are more to this piece

Charles moved on to call the Queen “Mami” and in a speech to thousands of viewers at The Mall described “you laugh and cry with us and most importantly, you were for us …”.

The king was deeply absent from the star-studded show in the shadow of Buckingham Palace, but the prince said he would watch “with a lot of passion” and insisted on his dedication: “That’s why we’re here. That’s what we celebrate tonight.”

We’re back People Articles

“Your family has been around for four generations now. You are the head of our state. And you are our mother. Your ‘Strength and Stay’ has been missed a lot this evening but I am sure he is here in spirit … My dad enjoyed the event and would sincerely join us in celebrating what you do for your country and your people, “he said. Continue, praising her late father and Queen’s beloved husband Prince Philip, who died last year at the age of 99.

He received a high cheer from the crowd when he mentioned how the Queen was almost 100 years old and how she had seen great technological changes in her lifetime.

The program also includes pre-arranged thank you messages from Daniel Craig, Sir Paul McCartney, Michelle Obama, Dame Julie Andrews, Sir Mo Farah and others.

A quick video from the royal family.

To see now what Kate wore this evening, the royalties were spotted here as they left the event. I imagine Princess Charlotte and Prince George fell quite apart after their visit to Cardiff.

She wore a British retailer Self-Portrait’s Cream Tailored Bouquel and a chiffon midi dress (570). The style includes “a long-sleeved bodice that is worn at the waist and falls into a pleated midi skirt.” It has several textures including Nabi Baukal, Chiffon and Lace. The dress has a pick lapel, flap pocket, a self-belt and it is lined.

The dress was worn at a reception in honor of those who worked last September Hold on tight Project

The Duchess carries a clutch that I do not recognize. Initially, I thought it was a bag to carry at Clarice’s Thirty Club dinner in May 2012 and at the 2016 Art Fund Awards, but it wasn’t. That bag is shown on the bottom right and you can see that the flap got a wet one, while tonight the bag has a soft curved edge on the flap.

I’ve seen a few glimpses of the heels worn tonight in the video, but I can’t see enough to tell if they’re a pair, or if they’re a new style. If more pictures come up, I will update the post.

The Duchess wore a cross that remained unknown with Robinson Pelham aspen earrings.

The earrings were first spotted during a 2018 tour of Sweden. From the Oxygen Collection of Jewelers, these are made in 18K white gold and diamonds Pictured right when they were worn in 2018.

Here’s a quick wrap video from Kensington Palace.


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