The suit that every man should have for any occasion

For most men, suits are a “necessary evil”. They are only needed for work and official events. However, a suit is the piece of clothing that will suit 99 percent of a man’s life.

Today we’re going to share a guide to building that wardrobe – a well-chosen suit that will meet all your needs without burning a hole in your budget. Let’s dive into it!

This is Men’s version of the little black dress. If you buy only one suit, let it be dark blue, with two buttons, with narrow lapels. No other suit compares in terms of versatility. Weddings, anniversaries, interviews, court appearances – it’s perfect for any event. Especially if you choose a medium density fabric – so you can wear it all year round. If the suit is made of textured fabric or light flannel, the jacket and trousers can be worn separately and combined with other clothing items.

Another workhorse of the fashion world. When your blue suit is ready to go out of business (or just went to the dry cleaner), it’s replaced by a gray one, ready to save your fashionable look. Rule of thumb: dark gray is suitable for formal events and cold season, light gray is suitable for less formal events and warm season. The most versatile medium gray shade that can be worn all year round. Alternatives for such a case can be found in one Kenneth Cole Suite.

It would be ideal to choose the shade and texture of the fabric that allows you to combine parts of this suit with blue parts. When you’re just starting to shape your wardrobe, avoid complicated fabrics like cashmere. No one will notice that you wear the same suit several times a week. So why spend a fortune on it?

Such a suit can be sewn from a shiny or wool fabric. Lapels can be pointed. A double-breasted suit is versatile enough for everyday wear. But its shape and sleekness make it look like a suit you’d need for an event rather than the office. We are talking about cocktail parties or weddings, for example. The main thing in such a suit is that the neckline of the jacket is not too deep.

Invitations to events with a black tie dress code don’t come often, maybe no more than once a year. But with age, their number increases. And when you get an invitation like this, you should feel like you’re on top of the world. It can be various events: a glamorous corporate party, a wedding or a Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

If you’re really buying a tuxedo, you need it to justify the money you spent on it and not just be worn a few times. Moreover, you can diversify your daily look with the help of tuxedo material. For example, if the jacket is fitted and not too long, you can wear it with jeans and a T-shirt and go to a party in this form. The point is, if you have a chic tuxedo that fits you like a velvet glove, you’ll find reasons to wear it. And perhaps as a result, you’ll get more invitations to events that require a tuxedo.

A well-chosen suit will help in any life situation, whether it is an important business meeting or a festive event.

Remember that it is important to choose at least 5 solid shirts for a suit – striped, plaid or plain. And at least 3 ties that will change for a new unique look.

We hope our tips were helpful for you. We wish you luck with your purchase!

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