The trend of leather jackets over the years

In the apparel industry, trends have shaped the evolution of fashion forever, defining our personal style and influencing the market with irresistible presence. You’ll also find the main pieces of clothing, those eternal items of clothing that seem to exist in everyone’s clothing. Predictable, yes. But outstanding items of clothing that we cannot do without.

Leather is one of the few garments that has not gone unnoticed and, without question, one of the main things. Leather jackets are an essential part of any man’s clothing and, for many years, became popular in the late 1920’s. We’ve explored history and trends to see when and why each style of men’s leather jacket became so popular.

From the first designer jackets in 1928 to modern day essentials, go back in time with the men’s leather jackets below.


Although leather jackets began to be worn by fighter pilots during World War I in the early 1900’s, their use today is now iconic and timeless.

Men’s leather jackets first became a fashion statement in 1928 when raincoat designer Irwin Scott designed The Perfecto Jacket, named after his favorite cigarette and originally produced for Harley Davidson. The design was similar to what we now know as biker jackets. The first of these jackets sold for 5. 5.50.


Men’s leather jackets skyrocketed in popularity in the 1950s, and they were first seen being used in Hollywood movies. Marlon Brando wore a leather racer jacket in ‘The Wild One’, showing the typical features of a biker jacket with side zippers and silver popper.

This was closely followed by James Dean in ‘A Cause Without Rebels’ where he wore the iconic red bomber jacket, almost immediately the public wanted to get on board in this new style.

At this point, other characters are seen supporting leather jackets, giving them a casual and great reputation, including Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Origin and John Travolta in Greece.


Fast-paced 1960s and leather jackets hit the music scene for the first time. Rock and roll icons such as The Beatles and Steve McQueen make these jackets popular with the music crowd.

A black leather jacket, paired with jeans, has become the signature leather look for ‘Fab Four’, and finally a popular fashionable style among the masses, again increasing the demand for leather jackets.

Steve McQueen became a top fashion statement by playing a leather jacket in his performance with Prefab Sprout. He styled a leather jacket in his role in The Great Escape, where he wore an A-2 leather jacket.

1970s and 1980s

Leather jackets for women first hit the fashion industry in the 1970s and 1980s as women began to wear these jackets to equalize the height of rock and roll.

Blondie and Joan Jet were among the first female musicians to wear jackets, adapted to things like metal studs, which soon became popular with the general public.

Modern day leather jacket

Leather jackets still remain a popular item among both men and women, they are found in many high street fashion outlets.

Adam Lambert is seen wearing an electric blue leather jacket, and again continues to be popular among musicians in the big Hollywood movie, playing a black leather bomber jacket with Vin Diesel white stripe in the 2020 Bloodshot movie.

Leather jackets are popular today

There are many types of leather jackets that are popular in the fashion industry today, due to their connections with celebrities they put on a high end luxury outfit. Not only that, the connection with the cool, chic and confident personality portrayed in the film means that in addition to the fashion aspect, leather jackets make users feel psychologically and that is why leather jackets are here.

Today, on the market you will find among the most common styles of leather jackets biker jacket – a traditional look with a side zip, racer jacket – with a straight zip and popper close collar, bomber jacket – with the most traditional everyday style, flight jacket – perfect for winter months , And varsity jackets – a tribute to American baseball

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