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Glossy publications have long and firmly entered the lives of modern people. By purchasing a fashion magazine, you can get acquainted with the trends of Fashion Olympus in a matter of minutes on the choice of clothing, shoes, cosmetics and other things. In addition, it is very convenient: people can draw a lot of new, relevant information for the season from a publication! Today we will look at the best Fashion Magazine Incredible demand among women and men of different ages.

Harper’s Market

Harper’s Market, one of the oldest magazines in the United States, was first published on November 2, 1867. The magazine became the first fashion publication! On the glossy pages of fashion, you can always find different topics, from how to tie a tie to fiction, work and social life. Many writers have written columns in the Harper’s Bazaar. But the most popular writers were Charles Dickens, Henry James and Eleanor White Brainard. Today publications have been adapted for more than 30 countries.

Harper & Brothers founded Harper’s Market. It is a New York-based publishing house run by siblings James, John, Joseph Wesley and Fletcher Harper. The youngest Harper, Fletcher, came up with the idea of ​​”Harper’s Bazaar” after receiving a copy of a publication called “Der Bazaar” from Berlin. The magazine covers all kinds of news including fashion.

Harper’s Market, which we see today, always follows all the news from fashion shows, meets designers, does not miss the stages of creating masterpieces and at the same time gives valuable advice to fashionistas. Harper’s Market team is made up of highly experienced professionals who know all the intricacies of fashion and techniques, e.g. Automatic copy software, To help get the job done faster. The love of work allows the magazine to be published every month and to occupy a leading position year after year.


Vogue was born on December 17, 1892, not as a magazine but as a weekly newspaper that wrote about fashion and life in the New York world. It was published by Arthur Turner, a Princeton alumnus and co-founder of the Groller Gentlemen’s Club, who described his printed children as “a worthy authentic journal of social life, fashion and official aspects of society.”

The first color picture appeared on the cover of Vogue in 1932, showing a female swimmer with a beach ball. Soon the magazine began to actively collaborate with the best photographers in the world. Today, Vogue is unique because colorful photographs and “two-page spreads” have appeared on its pages for the first time!

Enjoy the world’s most influential fashion publication. The magazine is published in 22 countries around the world. Throughout its existence, the magazine has undergone many changes. However, the 21st century version has remained unchanged for many years. Vogue reveals, covering the new fashion trends and designer shows of the season Interviews with designers, And displays new cosmetics and perfumes. Editors also focus on beauty, health, travel, and so on.


GQ is a leading magazine that showcases masculine style and culture in fashion, travel, entertainment, sports and technology, actively collaborating with professional human copyists to create unique content. The history of the magazine began in 1931 when the apparel industry was established as a magazine for a clothing company. The magazine covers her masculine approach to wearing and selling clothing for men.

GQ was published in New York. The purpose of the publication was to provide information on men’s fashion to wholesalers. The adoption of masculinity in fashion was so attractive that customers left the store with only magazines. After analyzing the market for this type of product, the publishers decided to start printing the magazine for the general public. Gentlemen’s Quarterly was born in 1958. The magazine eventually became the leading men’s fashion publication.

GQ is still synonymous with the classic. GQ continues to publish the best writers, which sets the magazine apart. According to its publisher, GQ deals with people, places, ideas and problems and it forms the reader’s personal opinion about today’s postmodern culture.


Magazine has evolved uniquely when it comes to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and many other essential elements of our society beyond our general concept. The word “elle” in French means nothing more than the word – “she”. The magazine was founded in 1945 by a couple – Helen and Pierre Lazarev. In this magazine, mixing brands with democratic values ​​and luxuries is not new because the founders adhere directly to the “mix and match” policy.

Elle is today’s most notable international fashion, beauty and health magazine. It includes 39 national publishers and is published in 60 countries. According to marketers, Eli’s audience is about 5 million readers. The audience is quite wide because 18 to 49 year old girls and women from different countries and continents are interested in fashion magazines. Everyone at this woman says that Eli is a great guide to the world of women!


The Schlicht & Field Company launched Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1886. The transformation of the cosmopolitan that we know today as Cosmo was dramatic. Cosmopolitan was a women’s fashion magazine with articles about home, family and food, industry and technology in its early days.

The publication Magnet William Randolph Hearst, founder of the Hearst Media Empire, bought Cosmopolitan in 1905. After that, the magazine focused on novelty in fiction and began publishing literary works.

With the advent of television, the demand for literary magazines diminished. This has influenced changes in journal topics and work processes. In mid-1965, Helen Garley Brown became editor-in-chief. She introduced the idea of ​​women’s sexual freedom in the publication. Also, the woman actively used transcription services to accurately convey the essence of interviews on various fashionable topics, which attracted the attention of more readers.

Before Cosmo, women were forbidden to talk openly about sex. However, it was the cosmos that influenced public opinion, fashion and the behavior of an entire generation. The combination of concept, aesthetic performance, and material form makes this print media brand a unique opinion leader and advertising medium.


L’Official is a famous French fashion and style magazine that focuses on educated women. L’officiel was created by world-renowned personalities – designer Paul Poiret and Marcel Rocha, author Colette, director, writer, actor and artist Jean Cocto. The magazine was first published in 1921 by Andrea Castagno.

L’Official is the perfect companion for an active and modern woman, a guide to the world of luxury and refined taste. For over 90 years, the magazine has continued to explore talent and set trends in the fashion world. Today the magazine is published in France, Italy, Spain, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Greece, China, India, Turkey, Singapore, Ukraine and other countries of emerging fashion industry economies.

L’Official is a reliable source of useful information to help you make effective decisions in your daily life and stay up to date with the latest developments in culture, fashion and beauty. Magazine team has skilled professionals in their field and fashion world events and is always open to interacting with the public. Fashionable designs and instant coverage of current news allow readers to quickly and comfortably navigate fashion trends!


Glamor is one of the most famous women’s magazines in the world. The first issue of the magazine was published in the United States in 1939. But then it had a slightly different name, “Hollywood Glamor.” In 1992, the magazine acquired its present name.

Until 1998, only major glamor magazines were published, but later the first pocket edition of the magazine was published in Italy and it gained recognition from readers. However, even after the size reduction, the major sections were not affected. The magazine, as always, includes fashion talk, celebrity lives, relationship behavior rules and beauty tips.

Glamor is released in 15 countries around the world. Thanks to audio-to-text conversion, experts touch on the most talked about topics and have conversations with interesting people, eventually increasing readership. In the United States alone, 2.4 million people buy the magazine every month. The total number of readers worldwide exceeds 12 million people per month.

Mary Claire

The international edition of Mary Claire is a fashion magazine for bright, active and successful women. Readers of Marie Claire Magazine always feel at the center of the most exciting events and the latest trends. Together with Mary Claire, women can change without changing themselves, being surprised, smiling, empathetic and reflective.

Jean Provost made the first issue in 1937, which was published every Wednesday. French readers gathered at the newsstand to buy this first weekly, a huge success. However, in 1942 the German occupying authorities in France stopped distributing most of the newspapers. Marie Claire is one of them. The magazine was not published until 1954.

Marie Claire: A Magazine for Women, Dedicated to Fashion Beauty, And other essential aspects of modern women’s lives. Mary Claire is unique in that she combines all the classic “shiny” headlines with quality journalism, exciting interview audio transcripts, and exclusive reporting. That way, you can get closer to your best version!

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