Custom mailboxes can ultimately transform an ecommerce experience from casual to an experience that people should say. Would you appreciate your package if it was wrapped in a plain air bubble pack inside a plain brown pack? Or would you prefer a perfectly packed, elegant and colorful pack with an eye-catching concept and a handwritten note?

Custom mailbox Especially with the rise of online shopping and e-commerce is a necessity nowadays.

Premium packaging is a way to increase loyalty, quality, marketing and especially sales and one way to achieve that is to use only custom postal boxes.

What is a custom box?

Custom box is a shipping box or packaging box with customized dimensions, design, shape and printing. This initiative helps to differentiate a product from the crowd, while subtly helping the market and promoting it.

Why go for a custom post box?

There are a million and one reasons why custom packaging is beneficial to you and your business, respectively.

In addition to clearly distinguishing you from your competitors, here are some more reasons to subscribe using custom boxes:

  • Visibility, recognition, and differences:

Speaking of which, after initial contact and without any prior information, when two products are placed side by side the first difference that the buyer notices is the packaging of the brand. And of course, as a business, all you can get is positive and requires extraordinary attention.

Custom boxes also give you the option to print your sign, slogan, logo and anything else that identifies with your business. This alone promotes your brand, gives it more visibility and helps it to be easily recognized.

Nowadays packaging is not just for functionality; It’s also about making your actual customer purchasing experience memorable. With custom boxes, you can differentiate yourself from other brown boxes- or sea of ​​brands, if you can.

First, you just have to understand that your brand identity is everything about your packaging. What stands out for your brand and the lies in it can be seen as a representation of the packaging of your product. It says volume about what you actually represent as a business.

In the Business 2 community (commonly called B2C), customer perceptions and feelings about your packaging are always transferred to the product. If your packaging is poor or unattractive, and drab, it indirectly says the same thing for your brand.

Custom mailboxes also offer you the option to choose the ingredients that will be best for your product. Unlike readymade boxes, there is usually a choice between kraft and cardboard.

Unlike plastic, these other options can be reused; They are easily recyclable, easily decomposed and completely environmentally friendly.

When a brand reaches customers positively, they tend to engage with it; This, in turn, activates loyalty to them and keeps them as ‘repeat customers’.

The use of design elements such as color, font, and imagery can evoke strong emotions and memories in the mind of the consumer.

When this happens, such products resonate and ask customers not only emotionally, but also emotionally. And in general, emotions sponsor behavior.

Another reason is that the custom box is a certain “perfect”; You can always be flexible with your design on them. This means it gives you a choice of patterns, shapes, designs, themes and colors.

Custom boxes allow you to wrap products in boxes that reflect special seasons – such as Christmas, birthdays or even Valentine’s Day. This add-on gives you a competitive edge over other vendors.

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