What your date night outfit says about you

A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll once concluded that 56% of Americans believe in love at first sight. If you’re on a first date with one of those starry-eyed dreamers, you don’t have much margin for error with your date night outfit.

No pressure!

Don’t reach for the Xanax just yet. Take a deep breath and remember: If people from the ’80s could fall in love with all that ridiculous hair and aggressive neon, you’re probably right.

Still, you might want to gather more wisdom about what your date night clothes say about you. Read on for a run-down of date night styles, from classic to sexy. For each style below, I’ve included tips on how to enhance these go-to looks

Close-up of couple at dinner table, holding hands and wearing date night clothes.

Caution: If you don’t have a sense of humor, you won’t enjoy this post. You may be clicking away now. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’ll be inclined to tell me in the comments that I’m stereotyping and offensive and whatnot. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. Please believe that this is written in good fun with no intention to offend.

Send date night clothes and stars

1. Classic

How Classic Date Night Dress Looks: Your go-to date night outfit is a black sheath or A-line dress, softly pulled back hair, heels and a statement piece of jewelry.

The message you are sending: Place a mark on your forehead that reads “Future Wife Material”. The classic look is sophisticated and almost professional. You have your sh*t together.

How to improve appearance: Add a splash of color or a fun pattern with one of your accessories. Let your date have a wild side to you. Pair your classic date night outfit with neon heels, a sexy red camisole, a bright, bold belt, or a leopard print bag. You can simply swipe a red lip pigment across your lips. Get a little wild.

2. Hipster chic

What Hipster Chic Date Night Outfits Look Like: You won’t think twice about wearing vintage black glasses on a first date. The rest of your outfit consists of skinny jeans and a flowy top, or leggings with a tunic and slouch beanie. Casual is your default.

The message you are sending: You are a pixie dream girl. Fun, in the moment, but maybe too flighty for a long-term gig.

How to improve appearance: Your go-to outfit for a coffee date is spot-on. If you want to go bigger, try pairing your leggings with something more structured, like a button-down top and blazer.

3. Super casual

Here’s how the ultra-casual nightwear looks: you. cable. Wear. Jeans. Sure, you can dress them up or down a bit, but your closet pant selection is 90% jeans.

The message you are sending: Jeans, even the tight and sexy variety, keep saying, “Let’s be friends.” If you find that your dates end up being drinking buddies instead of anything more, jeans may be the culprit.

How to improve appearance: Get out of your comfort zone and wear an outfit. If it goes too far, try a straight-leg trouser that isn’t made of denim. Pair it with a super soft sweater, mauve lips and a pendant necklace. Anchor the outfit with ankle boots.

4. Sexpot

What a sexpot date night outfit looks like: You have a little leg, a little boob, and your shape is all showing. If it’s not tight and short, you’re not wearing it.

The message you are sending: You may want to communicate “powerful and sexy”, but you can also say, “good home free”. Like it or not, people of all genders make snap judgments – especially about women who have done all or most of it

How to improve appearance: Be strong and sexy, show off one asset at a time. If you highlight your cleavage, cover your legs. Stop showing your back? Hide in front of girls. Sexy is not about giving it all away. Slow disclosure about sexy.

5. Boho/Rock Gothic

How Rock Gothic Date Night Dress Looks: Sienna Miller and Zooey Deschanel were your fashion icons in the mid-90s. You gravitate towards flowy dresses, flats, earth tones and long belts.

The message you are sending: You might think you’re “romantic and sensual,” but that look can easily shift to “homeless and poor” or “free spirit that won’t be fenced in.”

How to improve appearance: Pair a flowy maxi skirt with heels (not sandals) and a fitted top. You can add your belt here. In other words, balance your boho style with more modern pieces. So if you don’t want to wear that tiered floral skirt, keep your top and sleeves tidy.

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